TGIF Friends!
With the snow that fell yesterday along with the closings and deathly drive into work, a lot of people are sinking even further into the gloom that this season deemed ‘Sprinter’. Spring has yet to be sprung as the shovels are brought back out and I sit excitedly in front of the television as I wait for my place of employment to scroll across the screen. Well, for once it didn’t happen and I put on my big girl pants and made the drive in to work. I must send a shout out to my Pa who taught me to drive in weather such as this. I may be one of the few people at work, but here I sit. The thing is, I am not too disappointed. It’s Friday. Spring has to come eventually, I am done at noon and there are adventures on the horizon. Yes, it could be worse my friends. Hang in there. Sun will be on it way soon (hopefully).  

My walk into work this morning!

What adventures are planned this weekend? Exciting ones, that’s for sure. After work, I am headed to the great Amery Theater to get my paint on and jam to the great hits of the 90’s with Cor as we try to get the theater ready for a Spring/Summer opening. After that, we are going to finish a DIY project that we have been working on (there will be pictures to follow, but it is also a birthday present and I don’t want to ruin any surprises), and tonight I may drink some beer while making these:

Yes. These are in fact mini hamburger cookies!
Yes, that is what I consider a wild and crazy Friday night and I can’t wait. Saturday morning I am again packing up my bags as Cor and I head down to Mankato to help my sister move, hang out with the parentals and relax our evening away in the hotel room. Even though the weather may not cooperate, I am still excited to help her move and see her new house! Before we make the drive though, be sure to check out my blog Saturday morning for my next book review with Tribute books: Assured Destruction by Micheal F. Stewart.

Sunday involves a drive back home, some laundry, and we might even have time to get some gaming in! A pretty successful weekend if I may say so.

And, just because I feel the post is a bit lackluster, here is a pick me up that makes reading my post today all the more worthwhile. Enjoy friends!


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