Monday, Monday. It seems like we have come around in the circle yet again and it is Monday. I see people dragging their feet just because this day is a Monday. People describe these ‘Mondays’ days like a plague. “You have a case of the Monday’s? I do to.” This seems to be the popular saying today. People are talking about today like it is contagious. I am sitting here at my desk with my antibacterial lotion hoping that the Monday doesn’t infect me also. I have seen the symptoms. The sluggish mannerisms, the lack of enthusiasm, the monotoneness of the voice, the evil stare of doom at the telephone when it rings. It’s pretty bad. I hope you all are staying away from this contagion. The side effects can be a downer. How can we solve this ‘condition’? It is easy as 1, 2, and 3!
1.       Instead of dreading today and thinking about the weekend that is age’s away, think about this past weekend. There has to be one or more things that made it a great weekend.  For me, I honestly can’t choose just a couple. I drove down and celebrated my sister’s birthday, which was splendid.  We ate, drank, and were merry. We forgot about all the troubles in our lives, popped a bottle of wine, and made the world dance (Okay, so maybe we made her apartment dance by playing the WII for two hours picking songs for each other. I believe in the span of these two hours we were Bollywood dancers, a very Dramatic Pumpkin, A never ending Robot, and a Camel), but our world was dancing. It sure says a lot about a person when you can make a fool of yourself and start crying because you were laughing so hard. It also says a lot about a person when you can sit in the same room as them, in complete silence, and feel the love. Having a sister as a best friend is one of the greatest duo’s a gal (or anyone) could ask for. The big Whoop Whoop I wanted you to give her was brought (I mean this in a sense where I say “Bring it on” and the response would be “Chap, it has already been brought”. Okay, so I guess I should have grown up in the 17th Century, but you get the idea.
2.       Christmas is only Twelve Days away. Today is the official day where the Twelve Days of Christmas can start. The Twelve Days of Christmas song is legit today and today only. It is the countdown. Honestly, can anyone be mad that it’s Monday with this in their mind? Let us start the Twelve Days of Christmas with a Bang!!
I actually just Googled the "Twelve Days of Christmas" and realized that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually begins on Christmas Day. Not the twelve days before Christmas (December 12th. Today). Hmmm. Let’s try this again.
Reason #2 that this Monday’s isn’t so bad: I learned something new today!
3.       The evening ahead. With any day (but especially on Monday) there is always a plus side to the day; the end of it. No matter how bad it is, there will always be an end in sight. Tonight, to celebrate the ending of Monday and to also celebrate making it through the day without catching a case of the Monday’s, I am going to throw on some slippers, make some soup, and have friends over to drink some cider (probably spiked) and watch Christmas movies.  The snow has all melted and I am only wearing a light coat, but the weather isn’t the only thing that can make it feel like Christmas is upon us. Warm drinks, candle light, Christmas movies, and friends are just as good (if not better) than Snow and Santa.
Today is Monday, December 12, 2011 and I am having a splendid day. What are your three things that make this Monday grand? I wager that once you get to realizing just how lucky you are, no matter how ruthless the case of the Monday’s are, you will realize that Monday isn’t so bad. Today is just another day to be thankful for.