Good morning Friends!
Do I have a treat for you today! Not only am I going to post on this chilly Friday morning, but I will be getting back into my old habits of lists on Fridays. Things must be getting back to normal for me because I know this is out of the ordinary as of late. Things are slowing down for me, but the stress seems to be lingering. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am happy that things are slowly getting into more of a routine and I am feeling more comfortable with life. I have been taking some time to re-evaluate things, and let me tell you, things are good. So let us all take a deep breath in and slowly let it out as we get back to the abundant things of life. As my past posts have been mentioning, sometimes things work out. Sometimes in the way we plan and sometimes not. When life happens in an unexpected way, we are then stuck with dealing with the facts. Does it sometimes seem unfair? Most definitely. I do believe that things happen for a reason, but lately, I have been having a hard time remembering that. It is especially hard when the hopes are high and bad things happen to great people. This is such a struggle for me. I have a very optimistic attitude (as you all are well aware of) and I do believe that it rubs off on people, as I want it to. The down side to this is when something so great is an inch away, hopes are up, happiness is abundant, and then it all comes crashing down. When this happens, I do know that there is a rhyme and a reason why, but it is hard to see sometimes. I know if may seem like I am talking in circles, but that is life. A confusing, amazing, brilliant, and frustrating ride. When life comes crashing down, it is then that I am thankful for everything around me. It is times like these that I look for a pick me up. A reason to celebrate.
Finally, friends, we have made it to the list of the day. Today’s list is one that will help you celebrate this great Fall month. My list will give you insight on what you can celebrate each day of the month, as well into next month if you need a bit more celebration.
Real National Holidays that you may or may not want to Celebrate:
September 1 is … Emma M. Nutt Day (Who is that?)
September 2 is … National Beheading Day  (this might be on the ‘may not want to’ list
September 3 is … Skyscraper Day  
September 4 is … Newspaper Carrier Day (Dogs love this day)
September 5 is … Be Late For Something Day
September 6 is … Fight Procrastination Day (That’s ironic)
September 7 is … Neither Rain Nor Snow Day (Ummm, what?)
September 8 is … National Date Nut Bread Day and Pardon Day (Pardon me?)
September 9 is … Teddy Bear Day (I celebrate this every day)
September 10 is … Swap Ideas Day (I have an idea…)
September 11 is … No News Is Good News Day (Crap)
September 12 is … National Pet Memorial Day and National Chocolate Milkshake Day (I hope the two aren’t related)
September 13 is … Defy Superstition Day
September 14 is … National Cream-filled Donut Day  (This is today my dear friends. Induldge)
September 15 is … Felt Hat Day (Where would I get one of these?)
September 16 is … Stay Away From Seattle Day and Collect Rocks Day
September 17 is … National Apple Dumpling Day
September 18 is … National Play-doh Day
September 19 is … National Butterscotch Pudding Day
September 20 is … National Punch Day (As in the drink or fist? )
September 21 is … World Gratitude Day and International Banana Festival
September 22 is … Hobbit Day and Dear Diary Day (Dear Diary, today I met a Hobbit.)
September 23 is … Checkers Day and Dogs In Politics Day (Isn’t the dogs name checkers?)
September 24 is … Festival Of Latest Novelties
September 25 is … National Comic Book Day
September 26 is … National Good Neighbor Day and National Pancake Day
September 27 is … Crush A Can Day
September 28 is … Ask A Stupid Question Day More (Come again…)
September 29 is … Poisoned Blackberries Day (Don’t celebrate this by indulging in them though)
September 30 is … National Mud Pack Day (As in packing mud or is this a group called the Mud Pack?)
October 1 is … World Vegetarian Day and Magic Circles Day
October 2 is … Name Your Car Day (Too late)
October 3 is … Virus Appreciation Day (I don’t know if this should be appreciated…)
October 4 is … National Golf Day
October 5 is … National Storytelling Festival
October 6 is … German-American Day and Come and Take It Day (Come and take what?)
October 7 is … National Frappe Day (I hope you have a Frappe day!)
October 8 is … American Tag Day (You’re it!)
October 9 is … Moldy Cheese Day (Its going to be a gouda day!)
October 10 is … National Angel Food Cake Day
October 11 is … It’s My Party Day (I can cry if I want to)
October 12 is … International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day (Ahhhhhhh!)
October 13 is … National Peanut Festival
October 14 is … Be Bald and Free Day and National Dessert Day
October 15 is … White Cane Safety Day (Do I need to buy one?)
October 16 is … Dictionary Day (Good ole Webster)
October 17 is … Gaudy Day (What did you call me)
October 18 is … No Beard Day (I think I can pull it off)
October 19 is … Evaluate Your Life Day (Hmmmm.)
October 20 is … National Brandied Fruit Day
October 21 is … Babbling Day
October 22 is … National Nut Day (Isn’t this the same as the nut festival?)
October 23 is … National Mole Day
October 24 is … National Bologna Day (Why does this follow the Mole day?)
October 25 is … Punk For A Day Day (You talking to me?)
October 26 is … Mule Day
October 27 is … Sylvia Plath Day (I hope this day doesn’t end like her…too soon?)
October 28 is … Plush Animal Lover’s Day and National Chocolate Day (Lonely people unite!)
October 29 is … Hermit Day (Must I say it again?)
October 30 is … National Candy Corn Day (Okay!)
October 31 is … National Magic Day and Increase Your Psychic Powers Day (Shouldn't this be Halloween or National Eat all the Candy you can Day?)
There you have it friends, a reason to celebrate each and every day. We should do this no matter what, but if you need some more inspiration, you know where to go! I hope your Friday brings grand splendor and happiness. I am off for a day of shopping and Fall Festivals. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?
Cheers to you all!