Hello there and Happy Thursday.
I hope your day is going by as quickly as mine is and I hope some of you are delighting in weather that doesn’t require an umbrella.
Today I am going to write about things going right. I know we all have days where things go wrong, but every now and again we do get a streak where things go right. Like completely right. In a way that you yourself don’t even believe (pinch me). I hope this has happened for you some time or another. As you all know, I am very happy and am blessed with such a life that I am grateful every day for the life I get to live. Lately though, it seems that there have been four-leaf clovers on my dancing shoes and my soap is laced with luck (or maybe Harry Potter gave me his liquid luck. Sorry, nerd moment). Things have been going better than ever. Everything seems to be aligning in my favor and I am holding my breath because I don’t want this to end. It is a ‘Too good to be true’ situation only situation should be situations because the last month has been remarkable. Hopefully I can share what has been going on soon, but before I do, I would just like to thank the Subaru who parked by me today. You made my day that is one filled with laughter and smiles. You obviously have caught on to my spirit (pun intended. Read on.) and you would like to celebrate my good fortune with five cases of MGD (that’s Miller Genuine draft for all of you non-beer people out there). A couple things: 1. Because you were parked by me, you had to have been a staff member here at the college (which makes this situation Hilarious) and I think that we should meet. Pronto. 2. You are lucky that it is so cold out today that your Subaru acts like a refrigerator because that (not so) delicious beer would go bad and we would have nothing to celebrate with. 3. Lastly, I am going believe that is in fact for me because my life has been so prodigious lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in my car at the end of the day. I am thanking you in advance (I left my passenger door open just in case this does happen).
Karma. One little word that so many believe in or not believe in. I, for one, am a firm believer in karma and like to think that I am getting my rewards this month. Be nice, smile, and make every day a great one because karma will smile back when it is least expected. That, my friends, is the lesson of the day.
Until tomorrow, I am wishing you all the best. Let’s go have a cold one together soon.