Warm thoughts.
This is what I am going to be sending your way today, Friends. It seems that lately I am lacking this warmth. Not only am I shivering at the moment despite my many layers and hot coffee, but I feel that summer plans are in full bloom and connections are being lost in the excitement.  Let’s slow down and cuddle with our thoughts. First of all, Happy Summer! It seems like I forgot to tell you guys how excited I am that the summer sun is rising earlier and going to bed later. I forgot to tell all of you that I hope this summer brings bare feet, young love, and adventure aplenty. I hope to cross paths with you so we can bask in fun and friendship.
I again have to apologize for my hit and miss posts. Lately, my nerves have been on edge because in three days’ time, I will put my determination to the test and see if I can run 13.1 (don’t count out the .1) miles. This, I feel, will be a very great feat to mark in my books and I am so nervous because I am still convinced I might not be able to do it (and the plausible cheating options are becoming less and less probable). I wouldn’t be as worried if I stuck to the training plan, but that went out the window a couple months ago. I am going to run on pure willpower and stubbornness (and hopefully adrenaline and muscles). My main goal is to finish (and not die) so the ‘Van of Doom’ doesn’t have to pick me up. The weather is looking great, and so is my outfit. With these factors and with my sister pushing me, I can do this….right?
The half marathon is just the start to my Summer excitement. It really is looking to be a great summer and I can’t wait to see the escapades it brings to me.  Here is a rough breakdown of my summer:
June 16th: Running the Grandma’s  Half marathon and not dying.
June 17th: Father’s Day. Give your dad a hug!
June 23rd: Parents Anniversary so hopefully there will be a party of some sort. J
June 30th – July 6th: My summer vacation. Hopefully this involves me sitting around basking in the sun. A trip to Denver to see my sister might be in the works or a trip to a cabin with friends.
July 15th: The famous Color Run in downtown Minneapolis. (You all should check this out. It is seriously sweet!)
July 27th: Closing of our house in Superior.
July 30th: Hopefully a final accepted offer on our new house.
Hmmmm. Now that I type it out, it doesn’t see too exciting in words, but I am still thrilled to see what this summer brings. I am sure there will be bonfires, staying up too late, good food, friends, fun, fishing (enough f’s I think), drinks, beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Lake and rivers. Hand holding and stolen kisses. The bliss of summer is here, friends. I hope I will see all of you.
-Cheers to warm thoughts and summer love