Good Saturday Morning!

I hope this post finds all of you well and I hope that you are enjoying the last weekend in September. It is crazy to think that Monday will bring on a whole new month. The month before the so called Holiday Craziness begins. The month of ghosts and goblins. Bobbing for apples and pumpkins galore. October happiness to be my favorite month and I can’t wait for the excitement that it will bring. Speaking of excitement, today I am going to post a review of a book that is unlike any other books I have reviewed thus far. It’s titled How to Find the Right One and Make it Last! By Charles A. Johnson. I was excited to review this ‘self help’ book because I considered myself happily married to the right one. It intrigues me to see if I did think “by the book” and if we were meant to be. Well, here you go, friends!


 We all want that special someone in our lives. But isn't it odd that one of life's most important lessons tends to receive the least amount of focus. It's no wonder why we have so little success attracting the love, passion, romance and fun that we all need and desire.

The problem for many busy and successful people is that they do not know where to find and meet the right partners, how to approach dating, or what it takes to build and sustain a healthy, loving relationship. To address these issues, I have taken a unique approach and have written this book about real people, like you, who struggle with finding love and the right companionship. Many who have used my techniques have been able to find happy rewarding relationships.

This book provides real world experiences and proven dating strategies and techniques. It's a guide that can be used to change your life and bring you the romance and love you've always wanted.


As I mentioned, I was very excited to do this review. The perspective that I might have on finding the right one is probably completely different because, well, I fully believe that I found the right one and that we are already making it last. I was excited to look at my relationship from another perspective to see if I followed the guidelines of Charles Jonhson’s book, or if I did things off kilter. When I started to read his introduction, it made me ever that much more excited nervous because it seemed like he was going to ask questions that I never really asked myself when I first started to date my loving husband. When I got further in the book, I became a little disappointed. A lot of the wording seemed to take a shallow sense. This started to turn me off from the book. I hate to think about finding the right one comes down to looks, dental work, and a makeover. Don’t let my frustration deter you dear friends. As I got further in to the book, I started to realize that the author wrote about this because when it comes down to it, finding the right one starts off with the initial attraction, which is looks. He was very honest in what he has seen starts a relationship for success. I found an appreciation for that. Dress to impress, give off the right signals, be open to adventure, communicate, create a balance, and love with all your heart. Charles Johnson, I think you are on to something.

One thing that I really like about this book is the questions. It was fun asking the husband the questions that was posed in the book and in turn answering them. We didn’t find out anything new about our relationship, but that didn’t bother me. Just made me realize that I am lucky enough to be in a relationship that will, without a doubt, last. For all the singles out there, tread wisely. This book is a great starting point, but I will forever be a strong advocate of fate. There is a true love waiting out there for each and every person. This, ultimately, was Charles A. Johnson’s moral of his book also. Love will find a way my friends. Prepare yourself to be swept away in the tides of love.

Looking for more? Read on, my friends, read on.

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About the Author:

After more than 20 years in the military and 16 in a corporate environment, Charles Johnson found another calling in life. In both the Air Force as well the many companies he founded or worked in, Charles managed and mentored diverse teams across Europe, Asia and North America. But he wasn’t your typical corporate manager.

Charles always focused more on the whole person and how to help those who worked with and around him find balance and achieve both personal and professional success. He found that he was helping people not only get well-deserved promotions or the financial recognition for their work, but he also helped them identify and realize what makes them happy.

Helping others create a life and a lifestyle where their happiness is a priority and life balance is the primary goal became Charles’ new life work. He became a certified life coach and author and has dedicated himself to helping single people find and select the right life and marriage partners and make it last.

Surrounded by three sisters and eight female cousins, Charles had a significant female influence growing up. With the knowledge he gleaned from that experience, he spent the last 25 years coaching and mentoring hundreds of single professionals and up-and-coming, career-minded men and women -- including his own four daughters. He found himself providing guidance to help these otherwise successful individuals improve their personal confidence by updating their image, polishing their social skills and providing insight into the art of establishing and maintaining relationships.

Charles has connected and helped hundreds of couples find marriage or committed partners and coaches them on how to make relationships last. He has been married for more than 33 years and three of his four daughters are now married. Charles has found happiness and balance in his own life as well, pursuing his passions as an avid traveler, photography enthusiast, art collector and a supporter of various charitable causes. He enjoys basketball, football and tennis. His greatest passion is writing about hope and how people can achieve their dreams and still have a balanced and complete life.