As my night settles down, I can't help but smirk (Yes, smirk) with content. It was yet another manic Monday on the homefront (Is this word still used at all?) and it sure feels wonderful to take a seat in my oversized chair. I think that the busier the day, the more thankful I am for evenings. With my Christmas lights as the only light to type by, it is just me, my cup of apple cinnamon tea, and you, my ever faithful readers (Charlie Brown and Snoopy may or may not be singing Christmas songs in the background). I feel like this post is going to be a bit more peaceful and tranquil than my other posts, but that has to do plainly with the mood I am in. It is nights like these that remind me of why I live in a place that graces us with blankets of snow.
Snow is one of the most beautiful things that Mother Nature gives us. For right now, let us all pretend that the snow doesn’t get dirty, that yellow snow is a rare form of snowflake (Still, don’t touch it) and let us forget that snow can sometimes make fools out of us when we slip in public. Instead, let’s remember how snow makes everything look more like Christmas no matter what. Let us remember making snow angels when we were younger and sneaking that fistful of snow into your mouth when mom wasn’t looking. Blankets of Snow make the world Bright.
I will never forget the feel of that first crunch of snow under your shoes or to be the very first person to walk across a stretch of land and look back to see your footprints. It is hard to beat the joy that one feels when you get to walk through snow for the first time that year. To make your own unique footprint on the land. It is your very own piece of art, your very own story. A thumbprint that is held in time until the sun peaks over the horizon. Snow can show us where the rabbits were playing, where the couple in love was dancing. It can point us in the right direction. It helps us become great leaders and even better followers. Trodden snow is like your favorite book with ever changing endings. Today, or night rather, be thankful that we live in a place where we can walk across blanket of white, turn around, and always know our way home.
Rest peaceful tonight, and tomorrow, bundle up and go dance in the snow and, as always, be happy! Finally, do not ever, under any circumstances, eat yellow snow.
Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air
Goodnight Noises Everywhere
- Margaret Wise Brown