Happy Friday Friends.
Well, we made it through yet another workweek. Friday’s are great and you will never hear me say different. J I can’t stress to you how much my mood lightens on Friday’s (yes, even more so than usual). I hope to get back into the swing of things (and yes, this means back to my Friday list). But that we will tackle next week.  For today, I will grace you with yet another book review. Today, it is my pleasure to bring to you a review for the first book in The Red Serpent Trilogy by Rishabh Jain.
The Red Serpent Trilogy presents a highly evolved vampire to fear: cold and callous, powerful and dangerous, possessed by mystic promises and destroyed only by silver. It is the year 2021 — the human world has degraded, its inhabitants unworthy of the supernatural gifts bestowed upon them. Compelled by ancient prophesy, an ancient vampire army takes the human race by force, sparing few lives. They await the second coming of their king, Anaxagoras, which will hurl the world into a final battle that will free the vampires from their infinite hiding. But by the hands of fate, there is one human who may save his entire race.
The Red Serpent Trilogy is a celestial fusion of science fiction and fantasy, unfolding conflicting intentions for the survival of both the human and vampire races. But in a world ruled by supernatural and mythological forces, there is only room for one race, and neither will go easily. The few survivors of the fatal vampire onslaught escape to an asteroid space station, Regnum, where they thrive as they keep an attentive watch on the vampires on the earth below. But unbeknown to himself or anyone else, Alex, half human half vampire, holds the keys to secrets that will help him realize his duties and cement his
fate as either a human or a vampire.
“In order to have peace, there must be war.”
The thing that struck me best about this book was the pure creativity the author uses to put a new spin on the whole Vampire phenomenon that has circulated throughout novels. Rishabh Jain really digs deep into the realms of reality cleverly mixed in with artistic features and writes a book that is unlike any other. There were times that the book took some predictable turns that left me wanting some more suspense. Also, some of the footnotes seemed unnecessary to me and caused interruptions in some of the most climatic parts, which drew away from the story. All in all though, as I mentioned, the author really took the vampire theme and made it into his own. As the human race slinks into extinction and the vampire’s take over, Alex’s (the main character) struggle comes on with a vengeance as he fights for his life, his race, and his family. He is left questioning who is really on his side and whom he can trust.
About the Author:
Rishabh Jain was born in India. He is currently a mechanical engineering student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Want to read more? The Red Serpent Trilogy can be purchased at:
Price: $12.99
Pages: 131
ISBN: 9780984752201
Publisher: AJ International Press
Release: August 14, 2012

There you have it, friends. Here’s to the start of a great weekend. I hope today will bring you many joys and tomorrow will bring you rays of sunshine as Fall floats in with color galore and delightful smells aplenty.