Christmas Music: You either love it or can’t stand the catchy, feel-good happy tunes. This Girl? This girl loves it. Now let me explain to you the ups and downs of my relationship with Christmas Music because it wasn’t always as musical as it is now.
When I was younger, Christmas music to me meant having to wear a velvet dress and fight over the mirror with my three sisters. Making my hair stand up with hairspray and driving to school for our annual Christmas Pageants (Yes, we had to do multiple pageants this time of year). I knew after, it would be time to throw up my arms in anticipation because Santa came, but the before pageant wasn’t pretty (Just ask my parents. There were always tears from one of us girls each year). Now, I wouldn’t have dreaded these so much if I could sing. This is in fact the sole reason that I didn’t like this music. Having to stand up in front of millions (okay, so it was more like one hundred or less, but still) of people and sing. Group songs: not so bad becuase I could mouth my way through. Solos or duets: worst nightmare. Ever. My blonde ringlets and cute Christmas dress could not save me from butchering “Joy to the World.”  The worst part of all of this is that I actually liked the music. No one (And this also means you), can resist saying the in between words in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” (Reindeer), but please let me do this silent and not in front of people.  After this, I still listened to the jolly tunes of Christmas each year, but never felt I truly appreciated them.
What happened, you may ask?  (Oh the anticipation!) I met a guy who whistles out his happy soul and sings randomly throughout the day (Our house is a pretty cheerful place). While this may get irritating at times, (The song singing/whistling. Not the CheerJ) it is during Christmas time that the full glee comes out. He always starts to listen to Christmas Music on Thanksgiving (I Promise you everyone, we DO NOT overlook Thanksgiving) and never shuts if off. It is always a backdrop in our home and when Cory is home, you can always hear him singing or whistling or humming along. This, along with the smells and decorations and the lights, makes the season all the more blissful. Christmas music makes hot chocolate all the more pleasurable. The fire in the fireplace all the more cozy. It makes the ridiculously romantic made for TV Holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel almost bearable (Almost).  It is during this time that my coworkers coordinate music stations so the faint tunes of White Christmas’s can be heard throughout the day. It makes me exceptionally happy that I put a hint of cinnamon in my coffee this morning to help celebrate the Christmas tidings. It makes the text I received from Cory (“Hi, Babe!”) all the greater. Oh the feeling of contentment. (*sigh*)  So Bring on the “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” and let’s “Deck the Halls.” For all of you haters out there (yes, I am once again talking to you teddy bear, kitten haters), next time you come across the Christmas Station, stop on it for a while and let yourself get swept away in the wonderful tidings of the season. Maybe Santa will bring you something special this year.
Well my ever faithful readers (I still hope you are out there), we are at that time of week where I can say that tomorrow is Friday! After you get home tonight, relax, make some hot chocolate (with marshmallows), sit by the lights of your tree (or TV) and relax in the feeling of serenity. I hope that all of you can in fact "See what I See" this season and again Enjoy Every Moment!