I realize I have just started this blog and that my numbers of followers are slim (actually none at this point) but I still want to let everyone know that I won't be posting for a little while. Today at noon, I will be on my way to the great state of Wyoming and leaving existence behind for a long weekend. Now, I consider myself brave but let's face it, if I ever come face to face with a mountain lion, I have no doubt that I would crawl into a fetal position and cry. Wail is more like it probably. Therefore, I am not going alone. I will be heading to Wyoming for some much needed Father-Daughter time. Nothing says a good bonding time like walking around in the middle of nowhere looking for helpless animals to have for supper, but I do enjoy it. Please, again, don't judge me. This is also a time that is very special to me and my Dad. Our days consist of waking up early, hiking in the most beautiful landscape that was created and ending our day with a Jack Daniels. It is a time I look forward to every year. The beauty of this time strips away the dirt of reality and helps me rejuvenate for the year ahead. It is a time that I can self-reflect and get to know myself bare bones.

Now that the Violins have stopped playing in the background by my cheesy words, I will get on to what we all should do today. Today, thank your parents or the people in your life you look up to. You are who you are because of them. They are the smartest people (even though it takes us awhile to learn that) and they are a breed of people who really do have unconditional love. Whether it be a phone call when you are down, a care package that you are secretly thankful for because it will probably feed you a week and now you have beer money for the weekend (don’t tell mom), or an oil change in your car, it is the small things that they do that makes the picture whole. You are never too old to pick up the phone and tell someone you love them and believe me; the recipient will break into that famous unexpected smile.
To my Mom and Pa: I love you guys! You’re the best!