You all are probably thinking that I Must be running out of all things Christmas. Well, the fact of it is, I am just getting started. For the first time in my life, I have a wonderful home of my own (that I share with my wonderful Husband so maybe I should say 'We have a home of our own') that I am proud of and I want to make it cozy like my home was growing up. This is especially true during the Holidays (This is one of the reasons that Christmas threw up on my house this year). I remember going to bed with the glow of Christmas lights on my face and waking up to the smells of Cinnamon and coffee (Of Course). Holiday traditions are part of what makes the Holiday Season so perfect. With Holiday Traditions comes the notorious Cookie making. My mom is the queen of cookies and no one’s cookie plate can compare to the tasty tray she passes out around Christmas. Our family is like a pack of wolves waiting for their prey when it comes to this cookie tray.
As my sisters and I have all moved out of the house, it seems harder and harder to get together and help my mom overthrow the sacks of flour, eggs and sugar to create tiny little tasteful masterpieces. The war-zone is being tackled by my mom alone. For the past couple weekends (okay, months actually) I have been planning to wake up early, turn on the oven, and open the sugar and make my own tray of cookies. Time and Money, however, have a different plan for me. I just don’t have the time to make the delicious cookies that my mom does and I am starting to realize just how much money the platter of goodies really is. This brings me to realize two things: 1. I am not able to make my own cookies this year which does bring my spirits down a little (only a little though folks). 2. I have never truly appreciated the time my mom puts into her cookies and I will enjoy them much more this year.
Now that I have made a scrumptious post into a disappointing one, I will get to the point. This morning I received a text from my mom that read, “I made pfeffernuesse cookies yesterday and am baking them today.”  I think I remember yelling “It’s a Christmas Miracle” out loud to my cat. Not only did my mom make my day by telling me she is baking these spicy little biscuit cookies, they are also my favorite. With a maiden name of Barkeim, these German cookies run in my blood. The best part of this? Not a lot of people enjoy these as much as I do so that means I can do a chipmunk move and push as many cookies as I can in my mouth and store some in my pockets for the ride home. I can do this all without getting the dirty looks from fellow cookie eaters.
This brings me to you, my fellow cookie eaters. Yes I am talking to you, the ones who are never far enough away from the tray to miss out tasting each morsel of delight. The ones who always (and I mean Always) get the last cookie on the tray. I am talking to you, who always know the status of each kind of cookie and to those who go for the good ones first because you think no one is looking. And I also am talking to you, the cookie Warrior. The one who doesn’t each the cookies but keeps a tab of those who keep going back. I see your looks from the corner of my eye as I try to out- maneuver your sneaky cookie-guarding tactics.  
As we congregate around the table of cookies this year, let us unite and raise our cookies up to the cookie makers that don’t get enough credit. Enjoy each and every bite this year because it is truly going to be a great Holiday (cookies included).  And if any of you come across a batch of pfeffernuesse cookies, grab me a handful (I promise I won’t tell the Cookie Sentry).  
Today, enjoy your half-full glass of milk and your cookie because it is going to be a boundless day filled with greatness. Enjoy a sweet treat with no regrets and be thankful that we know people who share their baking skills and love around the Holiday Season.