Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, Gobble Day, Put on the Fat Pants Day. Whatever it means to you, it is still Thanksgiving. A day to, well, give thanks. Around this time of year, the Holiday Cheer is starting to build up. Even the crabbiest person will crack a smile when it comes to this time of year. The mood that starts on Turkey Day is unexplainable. Now that I have most of the clich├ęs covered, I will move on to the post for this Thanksgiving.  I will do this in the most original way that I can, by doing a list from A – Z and saying what I am thankful for.
Sorry if you all thought that I was actually going to do something unique. Don’t worry; when I came up with this idea, I also was disappointed. (Umm, if we are being honest here, I didn’t even come up with that idea. Embarrassing!!) Besides that fact, here it is:
A-Art. Everything about art is cool and fun. (Finger-painting is the best though. Or edible Art.)
B- Birthdays. One of the best ways to feel alive.
C- Cory. I was initially going to put Cats here, but I probably should give my husband a shout out. J I love you Elvis Cory!
D- Discoveries. Whether it be Light or finding your keys after looking Everywhere for them. Discoveries are great no matter how big or small.
E-  Everything I have. I am thankful for Everything I have. Awwww.
F- Fun. FunFunFunFunFunFun. See also: Letters A-Z.
G- Gobble. Probably the best word to say over and over. Try it.
H- Harry Potter. I am fully convinced that I will someday be the best player on the Quidditch Team. Thank you J.K. Rowling for making this 25 year old hope that one day she will be a Wizard.
I-Igloos. We may not be thankful for them, but think of the Eskimoes.  I bet they are thankful for them. I am just representing (Plus, I couldn’t think of anything else once ‘I is for Igloo’ was on my mind!).
J- Jokes.   Knock, Knock…..
K- Kids Books. Don’t even deny that you don’t know at least one kid’s book by heart. Fun Pictures + Moral Lesson = Awesomeness.
L- Love. Enough said.
M- Music. Means something different to everyone.
N- Naptime. No matter what the age, we all delight in a good nap during the day.
O- Optimism.  See: morningsstartwithem.blogspot.com See also: Shameless self-promotion.  
P- Parents. I don’t think anything I write will live up to what they actually do and are to me.  Nothing can compare to the love I have for them. To my Mom: You are the most amazing Woman I know. I hope to be half the person you are when I grow up. To my Pa: Thanks for teaching me all I know. My life wouldn’t be what is today without all your knowledge you have shared with me.
Q- Questions. We wouldn’t get anywhere if we never asked questions, Right?
R- Rainbows. They represent so much.
S- Sisters. I am fortunate to have Three Amazing sisters. The best part is that they are so different from each other. I have learned so much from all of them that I am who I am today because of them. They are my Three Best Friends.  Holly, Abby, and Katie: I love you! Never forget that!
T- Tooth Fairy. For being my first ever accountant.
U- Umbrellas. Think of how many more bad hair days there would be.
V- Velcro. We will all someday celebrate Velcro if it means we don’t have to bend over and tie our shoes. Trust me, we will all get there someday, might as well be thankful for it now.
W- Walls. Without walls we couldn’t make out in our parent’s basement while dreaming of love.  
X- X-Rays. Seriously, what else do people put for the ‘X’ when they do these?
Y- Youth. Whether you are one, you still feel like one or you still act like one, Youth is great in so many ways.
Z- Zestiness.  Not in a culinary sense, but a part of my life that gives it some zing!