Some things just make life grand.
Some things are taken for granted. Some things are just something, but most things still make me smile. Today, it was an e-mail from my husband that made me smile. It was also the smoothie that I had and the banana peel that held a delightful nanner in it. It was the coffee that was still warm at three in the afternoon and the stuffed energizer bunny that someone left on my desk. It was a text from a great friend and a great phone conversation with my mom. It was the thought of a cartoon character slipping on the banana peel and the anticipation for my run along the river. It was the wind in my hair and fallen flowers on my car. It was my favorite song on the radio on the way to work, and on my lunch break, and on my way home. It was the smoky laugh from a custodian down the hall and the sound of books falling off the table. It was the simple talk of vampires and a flashback to Dawson’s Creek. It was thoughts of my dad, my sisters, my niece, my mom. Thoughts of you and the feeling of being missed.  A green pen among blue ones. Spilled water in the shape of a heart. The feeling of contentment. The end of a workday. Dinner plans and ampersands.
Yes, some things just make life grand.