Random. The definition of random is having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective. The Synonym of random is ‘Chance.’ Both words can be prodigious depending on the sentence and meaning. For Example: “By chance, I had a lot of great random things happen to me yesterday.”  This sentence is purely fact and I will not have you held in suspense any longer (even though the beginning wasn’t as dramatic as I pictured in my head).
Yesterday started off in a rush, which is usually bad, but I woke up late and arrived early to work. How that happened, I still am not sure. The time gods were looking out for me and helped turn back time (Cher Anyone?). About an hour in to work, my friend stopped by to give me a Christmas Present (and you thought I was done talking about Christmas).  The present was unexpected and also adorable and it made me smile again when I took it out of the bag to hang on the tree (by the way, that hole is for a light). 1. Christmas Presents after Christmas have no downside and are unexpected. 2. It’s a present that I really like and will use (Bonus!!). After we got done talking about the Holiday’s Happy and sometimes Horrible Happenings (say that five times fast), a co-worker of mine asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. Going somewhere during the workday is always a plus because it takes you away from the reality of work; it was also a lot of fun. I should also mention that she picked up the bill because she wanted to thank me for my hard work. Can we all say “Wow!” She is just a splendid person and I am so thankful to work with her. Also, the work day went by faster than I was expecting. This is solely by chance that it happened because we all know that some days take longer than others to get through even though the work day is always Eight hours.  
Now that I have bored you (hopefully not, though) I will move away from work and get on to the play. Two handsome men picked me up right after work (which this in itself is random) and swept me away to retail wonderland. The better looking of the two (Sorry ClassicA) then went and bought me a Netbook for all of my blogging and mainframe needs (Thanks Cory!). It is like a Christmas is never ending and it is because of thoughtful people that my days begin and end with thanks. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here though.  It is Not the monetary aspects of these happenings that make me happy. It is the thoughts behind them and it reminds me that people do care about each other in this sometimes ugly world.  I am one Happy Girl because of the people around me and the love I get from them. It is because of you that I pass it on to others.  Lesson of the Day is simple: Randomness can be unpredictable (hmm. Just call me an oxymoron).  Let me change that. The lesson today is: Be grateful for great People!
My day ended with a phone call from my Pa, a Big Adventure with Peewee Herman and a nap before bedtime.  
Wednesday= Triumph.
"If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality."
               -Norman Cousins
“All the kindness which a man puts out into the world works on the heart and thoughts of mankind."                      
              -Albert Schweitzer