Good Morning!
I was about to tell all of you Happy Monday, but then realized that I don’t even know what day it is today. Happy Tuesday dear friends! I hope you had a wonderful long (but seemingly short) weekend.
My weekend was pretty uneventful, which is A-Okay (does anyone use that term anymore besides on Leave it to Beaver?). I spent the weekend cuddled up in front of my fireplace, drinking coffee and trying to stay warm. Yes, it was that cold (no exaggeration). The first days of summer kicked off by me having to layer up like a true Minnesotan. No barbecuing for this gal, just hot tea and Chinese takeout, which I am definitely not complaining about. I did have every intention of getting multiple things done, but the coziness of home won me out. This weekend, I also got a true feeling of worry, which doesn’t happen a lot. With all of the changes that are happening, it finally hit me how much we still have yet to do. The place that I call home isn’t going to be relevant to me anymore. It is truly scary to not know where you will be living or if you have a house to move into to make your home. Where are we going to live, what about my gray fur ball I call a cat and all of our belongings? This made me realize just how much the word home means to me and how we should all be thankful for the place in which we reside. Here I am worrying about what the future brings, but I know that we will figure it out and eventually close on a house of our own once again. Not everyone has that in their future. As I am shuffling around between apartments, air mattresses, home towns, my home that is now someone else’s, the house I want that someone else owns, suitcases, and cars, I at least always have a warm place to lay my head and say my prayers.  I realized that I shouldn’t worry so much, but thank all of the great people who have allowed me to sleep under their roof and pray for those that don’t have the same luxury. High utility bills and mortgage payments don’t seem so bad anymore because you can call it home. Home is truly where the heart is. For all of you out there who are worrying about one thing or another, stop and take a look at how fortunate you are. No matter what happens, I know I can always go home, whether it be to my parents place or just going to see someone you love. Going home is one of the greatest feelings one can sense. As you head home this afternoon, be thankful for the love that you feel when you walk in the door.
Home Sweet Home.
Enjoy this day to the fullest and smile at the sun. Feel the love that surrounds each and every one of you.

-Cheers Friends. Happy Tuesday.