Good Monday Morning!

Now usually when I make a post on Monday, I talk about getting back to the grind of work and how I dread the Monday Morning Blues. This Monday morning, not so much. Why the change of heart you ask. It is simple. I am just getting back from a mini vacation that was both relaxing and very fun. I actually didn’t want to head back, but the impending storm made me head back a day early. I think my biggest disappointment this weekend was not being able to make it to my own sister’s baby shower. I know, I know. I should have stayed. You all don’t know how hard it was to actually leave early and miss it (stupid grown up job with responsibilities). On top of that, my other sisters couldn’t make it either. I guess we will just have to make up for it by spoiling the little man once he does arrive. But alas, I decided to head home Saturday evening around 9:30. I do believe that if I would have stayed, I would have gotten stuck down there until tonight or tomorrow. Hmmmm. Now I am really regretting not staying. J
All that aside, the end of the week/this weekend was pretty stellar. I took a trip back into my adolescence and enjoyed the small things that I remember brought me joy while growing up. I went sledding on my purple childhood sled named Comet (Sorry Pa for having to pull me across the lake with your granddaughter on my lap). I went for a walk on a frozen lake. I had grilled cheese and tomato soup. I put a puzzle together (sorry for leaving half way through mom!), and drank warm cups of tea in the evening. My Pa also made me my favorite kind of popcorn that I haven’t had in ages. It was relaxing and fantastic and I hope I can do it again soon. Along with that, My sister is about ready to burst as we all anxiously await his birth. Unfortunately, it wasn’t this weekend like I thought it would be, but I am eagerly awaiting the phone call to tell me that he has arrived.  
While doing all of these things this weekend, I was reminded once again about how lucky I am.  How many people can say that the things they enjoyed and remember growing up still bring pure joy to them this day? I sure can!
Yes, my friends. Things are pretty grand on my end of the spectrum.

Seriously. How much cuter can this picture get?

Pure joy found in a cup of tea and 1,000 pieces.

  Jealous Yet?

I bet alot of you don't even know what this is. Well friends, this popcorn popper makes the best popcorn. Ever. And I sat and watched each kernal pop and still enjoyed it as much as I used to.