Most people associate Rainy Days with gloom. I, however, absolutely love them. Rain washes away all the grime of the previous day and covers it up with a new shine. Sure it can be cold, but that is when you grab a cup of tea, pop in a movie, and put your pajamas on at 4:00 in the afternoon (or never change out of them). Today is a day that actually feels like the start of Winter. I call myself a CozyCritter, which is probably some form of a knock-off stuffed animal brand, but I am one nonetheless. I love when it is cold outside and your only option is to find a good book to read and a cuddle partner. I think my cat, Elvis, hates days like this because I do sometimes resort to chasing him around and trying to make him cuddle. Another reason why I specifically love this Rainy Day is that my husband surprised me with money at work today. No flowers here, just cold hard cash and that spells out romance for me. Since I am in such a great mood today, I feel like it is time I actually introduce myself to my still non-existent readers.

My name is Emily (also known as Em) and I love mornings, thus the title of my blog. I also have a loving husband (Cory), who hates mornings, and a cat named Elvis, who loves my husband more than he loves me (which I not so secretly resent because my husband isn't a fan of pets). Besides this fact, I do love my husband very much and we have one of the greatest relationships that I think two people can have. Sure we have our ups and downs, but overall, it's fantastic. I think our jobs help out immensely to how great we work together. Cory is a freelance artist and can make anything beautiful (which I envy, but he sure comes in handy come Christmas time). He is also very laid back and smart and is also very handsome. All these things put together makes it hard for me to get mad at him. If he reads this, I don't want him getting too big of head, so I will move on to myself.  For a morning person like me, I have landed the perfect job at a college and a house that looks great at Christmas and beautiful for the Fourth of July (plus it smells nice for all seasons). Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for where my life is at this point. My cup is always half full.  

Getting back on track. This morning (now afternoon) I want you to be thankful for the next rainy day that you have, because it always feels good to get the grime off, even if you stay inside and curl up (with your reluctant cat) and just have a plain ole' Good Rainy Day.