Congratulations! We have made it to the end of the week Friends. The blissful Friday mood swing is in full force. Smiles are on faces and the motivation is definitely not in work today. What is even harder is that it is nice out and I get to go home today. Friday’s for me lately are bittersweet because the day seems to take forever because I know I will be able to drive home and see my husband, my cat, and sleep in my own bed but it also means I will have to leave all that once again come Sunday.  Weekends seem very diminutive to me lately. I also had to make the hard choice of going back to my house or down to my parents’ house for my Pa’s birthday. As everyone knows, I do like to spend birthdays with the birthday person but this was a hard decision. Again, you all know just how close I am to my Pa so I do really want to spend his day/weekend with him. It breaks my heart that I can’t give him his birthday hug and have a Jack and Coke with him. Please don’t judge me, friends. If I went home this weekend, it would mean that I would have been a total of four weeks away from the above mentioned (My husband, cat, home).I know I know. I am being a little selfish.  Next weekend I will be driving to Starbuck, MN to get my butt kicked by my (Younger) cousin in my second 5K of the year. Being that my new working location is nowhere near my house in the Duluth area, it would make sense to leave directly from here rather than a 4 hour detour. Thus, I will not be heading to my parents for the birthday festivities.  In place of that, my list today is going to my favorite things that I have learned from my dad (that my mom may or may not know about) J
Things that I Have Learned from my Dad (that my mom may or may not know about)
·         Driving 14 hours is well worth it when you are hunting in God’s Country.
·         The best place to take a nap is on the floor of a combine in a Carhartt jacket.
·         Old televisions make for great target practice. Propane tanks are even better.
·         The best way to learn if you drive safe under pressure is to have lit matches thrown at your feet while you are driving.
·         The record for swapping seats (driver to passenger and vice versa) while driving is 3.2 seconds.
·         Swing sets can be transformed into a rope mansion. As can hay bales.
·         It is possible to Robin Hood an arrow.
·         There really aren’t turbo buttons in old Dodge pick-ups (or is there?).
·         If you are too young to drive on the road, take to the ditches.
·         Shooting my first deer is one of the best adrenaline rushes I will ever have. The same goes for my second, third, fourth, etc... I will never forget those days and how happy I am and how proud you were.  
·         If there is a hail storm and you have good insurance + an old car, drive faster. Make the dents really count.
·         I will never be too old to call my dad for advice.
·         If my kitty “disappears”, I shouldn’t worry. I will always get another one. J
·         Asking for a pony really does work.  
·         The best tunnels are made out of snow and the best sledding is only done on Comet, the purple sled.
·         Only eat snow in front of dad. Mom will scold you.
·         Boys really do get mad if you’re the best shot in gun safety class.
·         Always put the dairy queen containers on the bottom of the garbage or dispose of it elsewhere before you get in the house.
·         Never leave empty shell casings on the windowsill otherwise mom isn’t going to be very happy.
·         Have one bottle of Jack Daniels on the Shelf and take from that every now and again but keep one hidden in the garage, that way mom won’t know how much you actually drink. She can just look at the shelf for reference.
·         Starting things on fire is awesome. Really Awesome.
·         If you keep the tags on your new clothes, people will always know that they are new.
·         Don’t leave paper in your pockets when you put them in the laundry or you will get a talking to.
·         Only sneak the cookies that look like they won’t make in on the plate in the first place and be sure to grab and go. Don’t linger after eating sneaking cookies. Make it a drive by cookie attack.
·         The most serenity one can find is sitting in a fishing boat with good company before the sun comes up with a fishing pole in the water, complete with a bag of Cheetos and Pop tarts as the white horses roll across the lake. This will really show how much you like another person. If one of you is wet by the end of the day, might was well call off the relationship.
·         The best way to repair you favorite pair of sandals is with bolts, screws, one washer, and duct tape.
·         A dad is a day brightener, a life saver, and a heart warmer.
I still feel like your little girl when I look into your eyes. If I can be even half of the person you are, I will consider myself to be an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing me the way, Pa. Happy Birthday! I wish I could be there with you to celebrate.  Have a Jack and Coke for me!
 I love you Pa. Happy Birthday.