Happy February!! I bet you all are thinking the exact same thing as I am. Where the heck did January go? I can’t believe that I am sitting here at my desk and just realized that the New Year is already a month old. Resolutions are long behind us (or forgotten).  Well, January, you have been a great month for me and helped start the new year off with a great start. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me. Cheers, January, to the year ahead.
Hello February. The month of love, laughter and friendship is among us. For me, February is going to be a busy month, jam packed with the enchantments I just mentioned. (It also means training for the half marathon begins….today. Eek.) That put aside, I am excited for this month because it reminds me of a movie that has all the best things in it. February is going to bring me fun, excitement, family, friends, and festivities, a day off of work, romance, and candy. What more could a gal ask for. First in the lineup is fun and family (just to warn you, fun is going to be included in everything this month).  My parents are going to make the long (but beautiful) drive up to the Northland to visit and I am thrilled! Whenever  they come up, I feel like I am on vacation. They have such a great attitude and mood about them always that you just can’t help relaxing and enjoying every moment spent together (Plus, they always stay in a very nice hotel and feed me). I can’t wait to sit and look at Lake Superior with my Pa and talk about life with my mom. This weekend is going to be awesome and to top it all off, I only have to work a half day on Friday. February, you are alright in my book!
Don’t worry; I won’t leave you without a lesson in happiness. J Don’t ever forget that each day is a day to be Happy. Count your blessings, love your life; treasure your family and friends and all that you are thankful for. Above all, soak in the present of each and every moment and enjoy it with all your heart!
Until tomorrow, dance like no one is watching!