When it comes to writing a blog, I don’t have much (let’s make that any) experience. Why, when I just turned 25 years of age, do I think that I should start now? The answer to that is simple: I think that I have enough adolescence in me that I still love the little things in life but I also think that I have learned many lessons in life to compare with. One thing about me is that I always look at the bright side, not to seem too cliché. As I grow up, people seem to be getting bitter and unhappy. I am here because I want to remind people that no matter how much life can hurt, there are still good things to look at, whether it be your own life, or someone else’s life. I am here to (hopefully) help start your day off with a smile and help end your day with a much needed blissful yawn. My name is Emily and I want your mornings to be as good as mine. So wake up and be happy! Let your mornings start with me, Em!