As I have stated over and over these past months, this time of year is one of cheer. However, it seems like the closer and closer we get to the actual Holiday, the more people need a reminder of how great the small things are. For these past couple of weeks, it seems like bad things are happening to great people. As I get phone calls filled with sadness and unwanted news, I think that now, right now, we should all sit back and take a deep breath and get to the bare bones of this crazy thing called life. Even though it is sometimes hard to believe, there is Always good in every situation. Always. To those people out there who are disagreeing with me, I promise that there is. It may be buried deep down in there, but good is always lurking beneath all of this sadness and stress. No matter how hard it may seem, take a good look at your crazy life and think of just one thing, just one, that makes you smile. It may be the sound of a candy cane cracking in hot chocolate or the warmth of a lovers hand when you're walking together on a cold night. It could be the warmth of your favorite blanket, the comfort of a Teddy Bear, a hot meal on a cold night or the comfort of being surrounded by family.
For all of you readers out there, religious or not, do me a favor. Tonight, as you crawl into bed, say a prayer for all of those who aren't able to themselves. Say a prayer for families going through a hard time, say a prayer for the homeless, say a prayer for all of your friends and all of your enemies. Say a prayer for the healthy to stay healthy and for the weak to stay strong, because everyone, no matter how big or small, deserves a prayer.
Let us all never overlook those things that we are thankful for and to remember to never ever forget the one (or one hundred) time/s that they made us smile inside or out. It is the small things in life that help us remember who we really are. To all of you who need a little help to remember this over the Holiday Season, I will Say a Little (and Big) Prayer for You and I will do my best to be that much needed shoulder for anyone that needs it. Again, no matter how hard it is to do sometimes, smile. It will help make the world look so much better. 
On a Last note. To all of those kids who were singing Chrsitmas Carols at the top of their lungs outside of Walmart and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, Thank you. Seeing you dancing, having fun, singing loudly for all to hear and helping the less fortunate made my evening. I do believe that you made alot of evenings that cold night and filled many people with the warmth they needed. It really is the small things.