Hello Thursday! It seems like just yesterday I was saying hello to you but here you are again, and what a great Thursday you have been so far.
First off, I don’t want you guys to get too used to the daily posts. I am as surprised as you probably are that I was able to post each and every day this week so far. I do feel like I am on top of things lately, but if I miss a day, I don’t want you to be angry. This is just an FYI for our own good.
What I am going to write about today is the unexpected. I am not talking about something crazy and off the wall, but as in legit unexpected. (i.e.: Expecting the unexpected). Okay, so now I am just confusing myself.  I just want you all to know that one of my favorite things that happen is when something unexpected happens for the better. Even though I have talked about disliking surprises, I secretly do love them because they are unexpected (In a good way). I don’t want you to get confused. If a tire fell off my car mid-driving (this kind of did happen), that is unexpected, but not in a good way. Having Cory come see me at work and stick around to visit: unexpected but in a good way.  Walking into a screen door because you thought it was open: unexpected and embarrassing (this also happened…when I was sober..and it was the middle of the day). People giving me snacks all day just because: unexpected but oh so delicious! Slipping on the only ice patch in a 3 mile radius: hurtful and unexpected. Forgetting that you hid girl scout cookies in your desk drawer and then finding them: pleasantly unexpected (Hmmm… it seems like most of my happiness stems from food). Okay, okay, you get the point. The fact of the matter is that it’s not always good to expect the unexpected because it can take the joy out of the small things in life.
So don’t plan every single thing out, because things happen and they can be great. Fly, friends.
Fly by the seat of your pants. Great things are bound to happen.
And it will be fun!
Be grateful for the Unexpected, the kind of unexpected that ends in smiles.
Happy Thursday everyone!