Sometimes a predetermined good weekend turns into an unpredicted great weekend.
This was one of those weekends.
With our bags packed and our coffee mugs full, Cory and I set out on the road for the 3 ½ hour drive to my parents’ house. Despite it being early (okay, 8:00 isn’t that early), we set off in good spirits. Neither one of us mind driving/traveling so the ride down was very pleasant. There is something to be said about driving a long distance in a car with one other person. It forces people to talk and touch on subjects that are otherwise easier left concealed in the bustle of day to day lives. We both have been wanting to talk about future plans of many things (house, money, jobs, etc..) but never sat down and talked to each other. I think the drive this past Saturday morning helped us talk things out so we can set some plans in motion. The drive went by quickly and it was just a gratifying drive filled with conversation and some not so good singing (sorry Cor). When we arrived at my parents place, we were welcomed with dinner (or lunch, depending on what part of the state you grew up in). I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than that.
After dinner/lunch, we sat and talked, had some more coffee, and I got a lesson in driving a road grader from my Pa. Let’s just say that there are a lot of buttons and I am not going pro anytime soon. It was pretty awesome to drive such a big piece of machinery even if I only got up to 4 mph. J

After that, my sister and her boyfriend arrived at my parents place and we all settled in for a night of margaritas, board games, and good times.

Sunday morning consisted of the boys being kicked out of the bathroom as we got ready for the Baptism. Despite the snow and the wind that came in overnight, we made it to church and sat through a very enjoyable Palm Sunday Service (regardless of the many times we were caught in a Palm branch fight) and the Baptism of my godson (did I mention that I am a godparent!?!). Now, let me just get one thing out there: I am not the type to go baby crazy. I mean, I love kids, but I love them one year or older. Babies scare me and I have never really held one for an extended amount of time in front of people all looking up front at us. Taking this into account and the fact that my nephew is a bit colicky, I was nervous. It also didn’t help that, after expressing my concern to the Pastor, the Pastor said ‘Just don’t drop him and I will be fine’. So now I started to worry about that. Okay, so maybe not so much, but I was nervous. It was all for naught because everything went just fine and he didn’t cry until the very end and then I just passed him off to him mom. It was a beautiful service and I just feel so honored to be a part of it all.

This was one of the Palm Branch fights I was caught up in. Just to be clear, the two on the right are definitely not the troublemakers.
After the service, we went and had dinner (lunch), and just sat around with family and talked. It was here that Cory’s baby fever was in full swing. Not only did he hold our nephew the longest out of anyone, he also seemed to be the pied piper (but a good one, obviously) of children. It started out with him sitting with our niece, but then another one joined, and another and he had all the kids (and animals) sitting on and beside him. *sigh* He looked pretty content with all of this also, as you can clearly see.

                                                                     (Hi Holly!)

After the drive back, and a quick stop at the Mankato Mall, we made it home and woke up way too early from a weekend that seemed to fly by way too fast. Yes, my friends, it was a pretty stellar weekend. The best thing is that I get to do it all over this next weekend. Yay short week of work, Easter Weekend, Sister’s birthday, brunches and bunches of fun!

Cheers Friends!! Happy Monday!