Hello loves!
Yes yes, we all know that today is the fourteenth of February which is better known as the great and mighty Valentine’s Day.  People everywhere are carrying flowers or candy with the hopes of someone commenting on them. My Facebook feed is blowing up with comments about how great their significant other is. In reality, it is almost like a competition to see who loves whom more. ‘Jane’s’ husband gave her flowers but ‘Jill’s’ husband bought her jewelry. Surprises are happening all over and people are posting about how unexpected these surprises were (even though they might have been expecting them). Shoot. I am sounding bitter. This is not the case my dear friends. In fact, any day that wants people to spread the love and share their feelings is A-Okay by me. Love is in the air and I must say that I am loving it (Too Cheesy?) I hope you all out there in the world are enjoying this day one way or another. Single or not, it is surely a day to be thankful for the loves in your life, whether they are spouses, parents, kids, cats (guilty), or just the beauty that mother nature gives us each and every day. Share your love any way you want and be lovely like I know you are.  
I posted a couple days ago hinting (okay, maybe not so much hinting as telling) that I did want to celebrate this day by doing something special and that I would like Cory to surprise me somehow. Even though he may not read my blog, I thought it was worth a shot. Well, I was right on the second part. He didn’t read my blog. But I must say that this Valentine ’s Day is one for the record book. Cory and I did go out on a date yesterday and we went out to eat and to the movie ‘Warm Bodies’ ( Nothing says love like flesh eating zombies, right!) It was just a pleasant evening filled with laughs and just enjoying each other’s company (that is romance right there...right?)
We also made plans that tonight, we are going to stay home, make supper, and rent a movie (yes, people still do that). I assumed that was it and it sounded good to me, but Cory did have some surprises up his sleeve! As I was talking to a couple friends/coworkers at work, in walks Cory with a bouquet not of flowers, but of balloons. Along with that, some cheesecake.  Yes, the man surely knows how to make me happy. I actually have never been surprised like that on Valentine ’s Day. Ever. And it felt awesome (do I sound like the aforementioned Facebook braggers yet? Don’t worry. I won’t disappoint and will be giving you photographic evidence on my next post).  It made me both embarrassed (because I hate attention) but also happy. So here is an ode to Cory (please bear with me):
You are the high in my noon. THE FLAP IN MY JACK. The jelly in my bean. THE HOP IN MY SCOTCH. The fortune in my cookie. THE GRAND IN MY CANYON (not meant to be gross). The bees to my knees. THE ZIG IN MY ZAG. The rock in my roll. THE FOXY IN MY TROT. The pow in my wow. THE GEE IN MY WHIZ (Ew). The love of my life.

Okay, okay, you get the idea. Now let me get back on track. So some of you may be wondering why balloons and cheesecake should be a VD for the record book. Don’t get me wrong, for they surly made my day, but the real reason why this day of love is such a stand out one is that I am once again an Aunt! You heard me right! My beautiful sister gave birth to a love child. Literally. He was born this afternoon on this Valentine’s day! I can’t wait to meet him. I will fill you in with more details later. I just wanted to share this exciting news.
What a day! I hope you find yourself laughing, loving, eating sweets, and enjoying this day meant for love. According to the Beetles, Love is all you need.
Happy Valentine's Day, friends.