Today is November 29th and I titled my blog post as "Tis the Season." To me, this feels wrong in so many ways, yet I can't deny that the Christmas Joy is creeping up on me earlier than ever. I thought it was blasphemous (Yes, blasphemous) when I saw Christmas Candy out on Halloween. I think I actually scoffed out loud in the store because I think it is quite crazy how overlooked Thanksgiving is. Now that Thanksgiving is gone past, I don't feel like I am cheating on our relationship with this post. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is deemed for me the "Let's pull out the decorations and see how Christmas-y (some claim it as obnoxious) we can get our house. Thus, Tis the Season! Our house is filled with Christmas Garland, many lights, and knick knacks galore (Sorry about the Table runners, Cory). With the scent of fresh pine (from candles), our house repels bad moods. Even though our Christmas tree is held up by a piece of yarn (ghetto), nothing can spoil my mood.  Our House is a Winter Wonderland.
This brings me to the next thing that coincides with Christmas Decorating, the infamous Outdoor lights. For the first time in my life I was able to take a motorcycle drive the very night of Thanksgiving and look at Christmas lights (I swear that I did not overlook Thanksgiving). The weather was delightful and it was the great ending to a great day. Now back to the subject. Since it gets dark outside so early, Outdoor lighting season is expanded and can be enjoyed on the commute to and from work. We all enjoy driving around and relishing in the world of Christmas Lights. A small word of advice to some people though. A) Please, please stop putting out the Santa's with the scary faces from 1970. Kids don't enjoy those Santa's and adults don't either. No one likes a Santa who looks like a pedophile.  B) The phrase "The More the Merrier" does not apply to the gigantic blow-up decorations. C) Twinkling lights, chasing lights, blinking lights, regular lights, blue lights, multi-colored lights, icicle lights, red lights, white lights, and green lights are all great. On Their Own. Please don't give me sensory overload when I drive by.
Now that I have that through my system, I will get on with my main point. Grab your hats and mittens, make some hot chocolate, and grab someone's hand (preferably someone you know) and take a drive and enjoy the grand tidings of the season. Tis the season to be merry. Go and enjoy your Winter Wonderland.