Good Saturday Morning!
We again meet on a peaceful note as sleep slowly slinks into the background of the morning and the coffee is being poured to make us feel more awake then we should be (Well, for some of us. My sister informed me that I am at a level ten for excitement this morning and I should be at a level four). Today, I feel, is the perfect day to talk about dreams. The dream world gives us thoughts and sensations that are spontaneous and involuntary and amazing (Besides those few bad dreams). With dreams, anything really is possible.
We all have good dreams, awesome dreams, dreams that can happen, dreams where we fly, dreams that we don’t remember, and dreams we don’t want to repeat. The fact of the matter is that dreams are remarkable. People make a living studying the real meanings of dreams. Me? I know that dreams are something unlike any other and it makes the dreamers in us soar. (Soar away people, soar away.) Real or not real, we can achieve anything. Last night, I saved my cat Elvis from eternal doom by rescuing him from a rabid skunk. Honestly, who says I couldn’t do that in real life. My sister had a dream about a magical coat that we are going in search of today, and Cory hung out with Tosh.O (who kept calling himself theTopBanana). Ahh, dreams, how I smile at thee.

 The dream world is an escape for all of us and it is a world I don’t want to be without. Next time you have a dream, I hope you wake up smiling and relive the dream world. Help me save my cat from eternal doom and we can fly away together in our Barbie Jeep.  Who knows, dreams may come true. J

What dreams may come is unknown, but never forget the dreamer inside waiting to soar. Anything is imaginable; we just have to dream it. Dream on Friends, I know I will.