Good Sunday Morning!

Today, I am going to drink as much coffee as I can, wear my slippers all day, finish one book and start another, watch bad T.V., go for a quick run in the rain, take a hot shower, listen to the rain fall, and enjoy every moment of this lazy Sunday.  I wish you could all join me, but enjoying your own Sunday to the fullest will suffice for me. Even though life is going in fast forward these days, I don’t want to miss out on the small things. I believe it is lazy days like today that are rare to come by, for anyone. It is days like today that your mind can take a break, however small it is, and get back to the real things in life. The real feelings of love, happiness, sometimes sadness and the freedom to do anything you put your mind to. Today, I truly feel thankful for the life I am living. It is busy, but there is always an end in sight for one thing or another. I will take one thing at a time, knock it off the list and move on.  I hope you can see that end in the busy life that you lead so you can also have a day like today. Feel great about yourself. You deserve it!