Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the snow is melting (much to my dismay), the squirrels are playing (please stop eating the last green plant in my yard. Yes, I am talking to you, you evil, no good, plant eating squirrel. I can see you), and the coffee is on. Let’s not forget the 24 hour Harry Potter Marathon that is on T.V. (Boy is Cory in for a treat when he wakes up! J) Ah, the feeling of waking up and having no plans on the schedule (Marathon anyone?). These kinds of days, in a way, scare me because they always seem to become the busiest because some unknown force out there sees that you have no plans and wants to mess it up, but for the time being, I am cherishing in the beauty of the morning. It is always a good day when you can wake up on your own with no alarm clock blaring at you every five minutes (Yes, I am talking to all of you Snooze Pushers out there).

I would first like to apologize for my post yesterday. I realize that I may have bore some of you and it wasn’t up to par. I think that I was just so excited that the process actually worked, that it was the only thing on my mind and it was the main factor of my great mood yesterday morning. I also realize that once my drunken happy stupor wore off, that most people won’t want to read about hair. Again, my apologies. What I should have wrote about (which I am in the process of doing today) is how great it is when things (anything really) goes your way (Like a good Hair day or winning the Hogwart’s House Cup. Hmm. I am beginning to think that I should wait to write a post until after the marathon). It makes such an impact on you that the other people around you will pick up on your good mood, and then things will start to go their way. I am also a firm believer that things are only as good as you make them. Today, whether things are or aren’t going your way, please remember that it isn’t so bad. Remember that there is always good in all situations and you ARE going to have a great day today! Now that I am done being a drill sergeant, I will move on.

Today is December 3, 2011. My paper chain is showing me that there are three weeks left until Christmas. Letters to Santa are in transit daily to the North Pole (I wonder if he got mine) and Buddy the Elf is Spreading Christmas Cheer by Singing Loud for All to Hear. Today marks the time for me that I start to get giddy for the Christmas Occasions. Parties are starting to happen, good tidings are evident more than ever, traditions are being passed down, long weekends, friends, family, food, and love is everywhere! I am starting to get silly with anticipation (It could be the caffeine). For all of you who think that a 25 year old shouldn’t get this excited about Christmas (must I remind you that I started watching Harry Potter at 6:00 this morning, like any mature adult) I would like to let all of you know this: Most of us would be upset if we were accused of being "silly." But the word "silly" comes from the old English word "selig," and its literal definition is "to be blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous."(See Pa, I did learn something in College.) So go this morning and prosper. Think about all the festivities that are around the corner and get giddy (Or save Hogwarts from eternal doom. Again, I apologize for the references. I can’t help myself).

Wake up (Yes, You), have a great Saturday morning and pass on the good tidings to whomever you talk to today! Instead of waiting for good things to happen, make Great things Happen!