Good Morning and Happy Thursday!
What makes this Thursday so great is that this Thursday is my Friday. Can I get a woopwoop! Not only that, after work today I will make my last trip back to our old house near Duluth today. Yes, my friends, the house that I have been calling home for the past year or so is not going to be ours any further. We are handing over the keys to the new owners and walking away from our very first house together. One year was too short of time to be in the house, but better things are on the horizon. It is very bittersweet, but what a ride we have been on. It will feel good to not have to worry about a house we no longer feel like is ours. Cory and I are both getting very excited for our new house and both feel like this is best for us. It is scary and exciting and exhausting, but we are loving the journey.
Today, I just want to remind everyone that you should always follow your destiny, wherever it leads you.
“There comes a time in your life when you realize that if you stand still, you will remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall and stay down, life will pass by. Life’s circumstances are not always what you might wish them to be. The pattern of life does not necessarily go as you plan. Beyond any understanding, you may at time be led in different directions that you ever imagined, dreamed, or designed. Yet if you had never put any effort into choosing a path to carry out your dream, then perhaps you would have no direction at all. Rather than wondering about or questioning the direction your life has taken, accept the fact that there is a path before you now. Shake off the ‘whys’ and ‘what ifs,’ and rid yourself of confusion. Whatever was -  is the past. Whatever is - is what’s important. The past is a brief reflection. The future is yet to be realized. Today is here.
Walk your path one step at a time – with courage, faith, and determination. Keep your head up and chase your dreams to the stars. Soon your steps will become firm and your footing will be solid again. A path that you never imagined will become the most comfortable direction you could have ever hoped to follow. Keep your belief in yourself and walk into your new journey. You will find it magnificent, spectacular, and beyond your wildest imaginings.”

-          Vicki Silvers
Until next time, choose your path and run, my friends. Let the wind whip your hair back and let the soles of your feet carry you. With this reminder, I would like to give you a small piece of inspiration today. Take a good look at yourself and be happy with you you are because you are amazing! Never let anyone tell you differently. Watch the video below and be truly amazed.