Good Morning friends!
I do apologize for the lack of posts this week. Things have been busy and I am sure you all have been also. This busy is the good kind of busy that really makes me sit back and evaluate just how awesome life can be. It could be the addition of exercise in my routine that is making me feel high on life or it could be the paint fumes that are enveloping me daily, but things are busy but good. Okay, maybe they are even borderline great. What has been going on? Here is a quick look at the things that have been happening:
·         I have started to run again, and it feels great. Sometimes I talk the big talk and say I am going to run today, but I have actually stuck true to my word and have been running every other day. I also am not as out of shape as I was expecting. On top of this, I have been trying the detox with cinnamon and honey (sidenote: I don’t feel all that different. I am a lot fuller throughout the day, but that is all. I am going to keep trying it though because maybe it takes a week or so to kick in?). I have also been eating healthy and have been getting Cory to eat more fruits and vegetables with me. Am I worried that if he starts losing any weight, he might disappear? Sure, but healthy is better than his diet of jellybeans and soda. J (Is it ironic that ever since we have been eating healthy that Cory gets sick? Maybe his diet of candy and soda works? *sigh* Is it just me, or are skinny people with a junk food addiction annoying? Love you Cor.)

·         I had another snow day!! This is pretty self-explanatory! It was amazing AND I got to watch the Price is Right in what feels like forever. (P.S. When did they get rid of Bob Barker? Just kidding, it hasn’t been that long, just attempted to be funny. I feel this is a fail on my part.)

·         My bookstore is going under somewhat of a renovation (thus the previously mentioned paint comment). More like a face lift really. The stark white walls are getting painted with a color pallet that I chose and I am getting new shelving and counters. I know this may not seem like a big deal but if you live and breathe in your place of employment, change like this is good. (Sara can appreciate this statement though), It will feel more like mine than it did before and it just feels good to start new. I have a feeling that after Spring break is over, the bookstore (as well as me) will look (okay, so maybe this isn’t so much me) and feel refreshed and ready to take on the year ahead. Yes, friends, I find this exciting.

·         The Amery Classic Theater is trucking right along. There is still work to do, but each day when I walk in I am amazed with how far it has come and how the hard work is really paying off. With the hours of painting (see above mentioned paint fumes) and cleaning everyone has been putting in, a spring opening date might just happen. You will have to wait and see.

·         This weekend is also going to be busy but grand. I have a friend coming to spend the night on Friday (little does he know that I am going to put him to work sanding and painting), and on Saturday, Cory and I will be making the drive up to our old stomping grounds to celebrate for a friend’s birthday (Hopefully the forecast of rain/snow/sleet won’t happen). After some drinks and eats and a night’s sleep, it’s back home for us. Also, this Sunday I will be posting a review about a book that will blow your mind. It was a crazy read in every sense of the word (crazy).

·         Oh yeah, Spring is just around the corner!

Well, that is about it. We live in a busy busy world, but when you stop and look at life, there are a lot of blessings in life’s daily adventures.
Farewell for now.