In my excitement about smiles and all of your awesomeness, I completely forgot to give you a breakdown of my weekend (which was also awesome), so here it is. As you all know, my parents came up to visit me. Not only did they come when the weather was warm and sunny, they also came early! To my surprise, they were there waiting when I got off from work! I love surprises and this one was one of the best (and it was a Friday). One thing you all should know about my parents (beside the fact that they are rad) is that they roll with the punches and are always up for anything. I always look forward to having them visit because we just have so much fun (This has nothing to do with the fact that I also get spoiled J). Why do I always look forward to this? Well, that is easy to answer:
1.       Even though they are visiting me, I always feel like I am also on vacation because everything is so relaxing and chill (and fun!)
2.       They either take me out to eat or make me a delicious meal!
3.       We play games and have some drinks and catch up on life.
4.       There is always hot tub or Jacuzzi time (Thus the relaxing part).
5.       I adore my parents and think they are some of the greatest people (I also miss them when I don’t see them in a while).
6.       They bought me some 'big girl clothes' that fit (and I got compliments on them every day I wore them).
7.       They stay in a hotel that has a great view (and I always end up getting to stay there also).
8.       There is always laughter and fun aplenty.
9.       We went and had coffee at 7:00 at night J
10.   They took me to see Cory’s funny (and sometimes vulgar) play, and enjoyed every moment of it.
11.   No matter what, they always come to my home and do two (or eight) things that make it that much more of a home.
12.   I always feel sad when they leave (which may sound not so fun, but it just shows me how much I love them when I miss them as soon as they leave)
With all of these things, I know that I am pretty darn lucky to have such great parents! Never forget the love that you feel for someone and never hesitate to show them that love. It can make a difference in someone’s day (and life).
Well friends, now that you all know how cool my folks are, call someone whom you love and tell them how great they are.
"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." – Shakespeare
Again, it is to the point of the week that I am happy to announce that tomorrow is Friday! My weekend ahead is looking just as busy and I am thrilled for it. Happy Thursday, dear friends. I hope your day is as great as you are.