Good Morning Friends!
 In case you all forgot who I am, I am Em. The extremely optimistic joyous person who has rejected her blog for far too long. When I first started this, my friend warned me that blogging is like a part time job. You have to do it every day or the interest starts to lack and pretty soon, you are writing to yourself. And only yourself.  *Sigh* I hope this is not the case, but understand if you all feel that I have been lacking in my duties but that is about to change. Yes, my friends, it is. I was swept up in the Christmas Cheer, the new Year celebrations, and then the start of a new semester where I work. Things are starting to get back on track, resolutions have been made, and plans for the future were made. All these things are extremely thrilling to me and I can’t wait to keep you all updated once again with the exciting (and sometimes not so exciting) times.
With the New Year (I can’t believe we are already two week into 2013), comes the word resolutions. Now I know I am late on this yearly bandwagon, but my resolutions kind of play into why this New Year is going to be limitless and it’s never too late to set goals of any kinds.
My Top Ten Resolution for Twenty Thirteen (It sounds like I am going for a David Letterman thing here. That is not the case)
1.       Bee Healthy. (All I picture is the Honey Nut Cheerio’s bee telling me to do this. Subliminal (or not so much) messaging worked on me.  This includes eating better and watching the portion size. With this, I am also going to try and monitor my sugar intake. And by monitor I mean that I will try to cut back on sugar…. But not pie. Or cake. Or brownies. Or cookies. Hmmm. How am I doing?
2.       Drink more water. I guess this could be categorized with #1, but I felt it was important to have its own number.
3.       Start running again. Since the weather took a turn toward winter, I have been much slacking in this aspect of my life. I loved how I felt when I was an avid runner, but I just stopped. I started to make excuses about why I shouldn’t run on the treadmill. One of these excuses was that I didn’t want to run without a rub underneath the treadmill (yes, this actually happened). Much to my surprise, Cory went and got my workout station all set up for me (complete with carpet)…. Now what can I use as my excuse?
4.       Pick up a new hobby. Last year was running, cake decorating (opposites attract?), stained glass, and bread making. This year I am looking at a couple of options. One is Yoga, another one is making my own tea. As always, I am open to options.
5.       Start a book club. This is self-explanatory, but at the moment, I don’t really have too many friends that are close enough to be in a book club and I don’t know too many people in town to do this either. We will see what happens.
6.       Have the Baby talk. Cory is ready.. like now. Me… I still like my me time. More on this later.
7.       Work more on the theater. Geeze, it has been so long since I have posted on here, I don’t even remember if I have mentioned that my in-laws bought a theater in our town that we will be renovating and hoping to open by the Spring. Lately, my help has included eating the theater candy (I should really rethink this sugar thing) and painting a bit. I am super excited and it’s about time I show my support.
8.       Spend more time with Cory. Lately it has been as if we are living two different lives, which is no change for us, but the time we do have together, I spend reading or watching my reality TV shows. I think I take out time together for granted, so that needs to be changed.
9.       Start to write more. This includes starting my book…..again.
10.   Meet new people!
So, hopefully all of these will happen and this year will be one for the records. I look forward to keeping you all updated with my happenings. Also, I do have a bunch of book reviews coming up and I can’t wait to share with you some of the great books I have been reading!
I sure am one lucky gal!!!
Until tomorrow (or Friday), Cheers! You all have been missed!