Well, Good Morning Great People! Once again I will have to post about how rough l have been having it lately. Yes, it will once again be a boring post about my unhappy life.  Wait a minute, no; I can’t even type with a straight face. Luck, love, and joy have been following me around for a while now and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. I don’t mean to brag, but when you’re as happy as I have been feeling lately, I just can’t contain my exultant energy. I have been known to squeal with delight randomly, and that has been happening a lot (This is the part where everyone should send their pity to Cory because he gets the brunt of these outbursts. Umm, I sometimes also tense up and quiver with excitement. Just did that). Why today you might be wondering. Four Words: Cats, Coffee, Cartoons, and Cory.

I am going to keep this post short, sweet and simple because at the moment I can’t contain my happiness and feel like there is no possible way to portray through the post how happy I am. Here it goes:

Right now (As in this very moment in time) I am drinking Almond Coffee out of a Coffee Mug with Dancing Cats on it. Elvis (my Cat) is taking a nap (one might say a cat nap) on my right, the cartoons (Tom and Jerry at the moment) are on the tube, and Cory is sitting by me because we both have the day off. Ahhh. So many good things happening all in the same moment. Friday also equals Awesomeness.

Lastly, A huge shout out to my Mom. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman I know (who can probably out swim me any day of the week, with her granddaughter on her back)! I will be calling to sing you happy birthday very soon.  I love you Mom!