I hope the title of this post doesn't make all of you (Yes, I know you are out there) think that I am going soft on you. I will explain the reasoning. Last night my husband I went on one of our very rare date nights. These are very hard to come by so whenever he takes me out, I can't help but have a good night/day. Also, I have mentioned that he is swept up in the world of artists so we get to go to events that a lot of people don’t know about (for free I might add). Last night we went to the Preview night for the musical Sound of Music at the local theater in town. Unlike my worldly husband, I have never seen the video (I hear it's a classic) or seen the play, so it was a new experience for me. There is no doubt that the people on stage are very talented and the  2 1/2 hour show was worth it. Also, there were songs in the musical (obviously) that I really took a liking to. My favorite song was "Raindrops on Roses" (See, I told you I would get to the point). This song made me feel happy and carefree and it was just plain fun! I have copied the lyrics below. Now, you might not have a professional actress singing you the lyrics, but I believe they do the same thing when you read the lyrics. Try not to like this song, I dare you. :) Readers Enjoy!
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

If you didn’t like that song, then you probably don’t like teddy bears, Christmas Cards (Tis the Season), hugs, kittens, puppies or the Charlie Brown Specials either (yes, I am calling you cold-hearted). So if that song didn’t make your morning, I do have a backup plan. Think of some of your favorite things. Days can’t get any better when your favorite things are on your mind. If that still didn’t work for all of you cold-hearted, unicorn hating people who think I am too peppy for my own good, I leave you with this: Hump Day. Get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking about the famous Wednesday. The day where the end to the work week is in sight. The day that you can get away with telling your co-workers ‘Yay, its Hump Day’ out loud and not look like a creep. A day that makes Friday that much closer.
Until Thursday my Friends…
Today is November 29th and I titled my blog post as "Tis the Season." To me, this feels wrong in so many ways, yet I can't deny that the Christmas Joy is creeping up on me earlier than ever. I thought it was blasphemous (Yes, blasphemous) when I saw Christmas Candy out on Halloween. I think I actually scoffed out loud in the store because I think it is quite crazy how overlooked Thanksgiving is. Now that Thanksgiving is gone past, I don't feel like I am cheating on our relationship with this post. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is deemed for me the "Let's pull out the decorations and see how Christmas-y (some claim it as obnoxious) we can get our house. Thus, Tis the Season! Our house is filled with Christmas Garland, many lights, and knick knacks galore (Sorry about the Table runners, Cory). With the scent of fresh pine (from candles), our house repels bad moods. Even though our Christmas tree is held up by a piece of yarn (ghetto), nothing can spoil my mood.  Our House is a Winter Wonderland.
This brings me to the next thing that coincides with Christmas Decorating, the infamous Outdoor lights. For the first time in my life I was able to take a motorcycle drive the very night of Thanksgiving and look at Christmas lights (I swear that I did not overlook Thanksgiving). The weather was delightful and it was the great ending to a great day. Now back to the subject. Since it gets dark outside so early, Outdoor lighting season is expanded and can be enjoyed on the commute to and from work. We all enjoy driving around and relishing in the world of Christmas Lights. A small word of advice to some people though. A) Please, please stop putting out the Santa's with the scary faces from 1970. Kids don't enjoy those Santa's and adults don't either. No one likes a Santa who looks like a pedophile.  B) The phrase "The More the Merrier" does not apply to the gigantic blow-up decorations. C) Twinkling lights, chasing lights, blinking lights, regular lights, blue lights, multi-colored lights, icicle lights, red lights, white lights, and green lights are all great. On Their Own. Please don't give me sensory overload when I drive by.
Now that I have that through my system, I will get on with my main point. Grab your hats and mittens, make some hot chocolate, and grab someone's hand (preferably someone you know) and take a drive and enjoy the grand tidings of the season. Tis the season to be merry. Go and enjoy your Winter Wonderland.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, Gobble Day, Put on the Fat Pants Day. Whatever it means to you, it is still Thanksgiving. A day to, well, give thanks. Around this time of year, the Holiday Cheer is starting to build up. Even the crabbiest person will crack a smile when it comes to this time of year. The mood that starts on Turkey Day is unexplainable. Now that I have most of the clichés covered, I will move on to the post for this Thanksgiving.  I will do this in the most original way that I can, by doing a list from A – Z and saying what I am thankful for.
Sorry if you all thought that I was actually going to do something unique. Don’t worry; when I came up with this idea, I also was disappointed. (Umm, if we are being honest here, I didn’t even come up with that idea. Embarrassing!!) Besides that fact, here it is:
A-Art. Everything about art is cool and fun. (Finger-painting is the best though. Or edible Art.)
B- Birthdays. One of the best ways to feel alive.
C- Cory. I was initially going to put Cats here, but I probably should give my husband a shout out. J I love you Elvis Cory!
D- Discoveries. Whether it be Light or finding your keys after looking Everywhere for them. Discoveries are great no matter how big or small.
E-  Everything I have. I am thankful for Everything I have. Awwww.
F- Fun. FunFunFunFunFunFun. See also: Letters A-Z.
G- Gobble. Probably the best word to say over and over. Try it.
H- Harry Potter. I am fully convinced that I will someday be the best player on the Quidditch Team. Thank you J.K. Rowling for making this 25 year old hope that one day she will be a Wizard.
I-Igloos. We may not be thankful for them, but think of the Eskimoes.  I bet they are thankful for them. I am just representing (Plus, I couldn’t think of anything else once ‘I is for Igloo’ was on my mind!).
J- Jokes.   Knock, Knock…..
K- Kids Books. Don’t even deny that you don’t know at least one kid’s book by heart. Fun Pictures + Moral Lesson = Awesomeness.
L- Love. Enough said.
M- Music. Means something different to everyone.
N- Naptime. No matter what the age, we all delight in a good nap during the day.
O- Optimism.  See: morningsstartwithem.blogspot.com See also: Shameless self-promotion.  
P- Parents. I don’t think anything I write will live up to what they actually do and are to me.  Nothing can compare to the love I have for them. To my Mom: You are the most amazing Woman I know. I hope to be half the person you are when I grow up. To my Pa: Thanks for teaching me all I know. My life wouldn’t be what is today without all your knowledge you have shared with me.
Q- Questions. We wouldn’t get anywhere if we never asked questions, Right?
R- Rainbows. They represent so much.
S- Sisters. I am fortunate to have Three Amazing sisters. The best part is that they are so different from each other. I have learned so much from all of them that I am who I am today because of them. They are my Three Best Friends.  Holly, Abby, and Katie: I love you! Never forget that!
T- Tooth Fairy. For being my first ever accountant.
U- Umbrellas. Think of how many more bad hair days there would be.
V- Velcro. We will all someday celebrate Velcro if it means we don’t have to bend over and tie our shoes. Trust me, we will all get there someday, might as well be thankful for it now.
W- Walls. Without walls we couldn’t make out in our parent’s basement while dreaming of love.  
X- X-Rays. Seriously, what else do people put for the ‘X’ when they do these?
Y- Youth. Whether you are one, you still feel like one or you still act like one, Youth is great in so many ways.
Z- Zestiness.  Not in a culinary sense, but a part of my life that gives it some zing!
I realize I have just started this blog and that my numbers of followers are slim (actually none at this point) but I still want to let everyone know that I won't be posting for a little while. Today at noon, I will be on my way to the great state of Wyoming and leaving existence behind for a long weekend. Now, I consider myself brave but let's face it, if I ever come face to face with a mountain lion, I have no doubt that I would crawl into a fetal position and cry. Wail is more like it probably. Therefore, I am not going alone. I will be heading to Wyoming for some much needed Father-Daughter time. Nothing says a good bonding time like walking around in the middle of nowhere looking for helpless animals to have for supper, but I do enjoy it. Please, again, don't judge me. This is also a time that is very special to me and my Dad. Our days consist of waking up early, hiking in the most beautiful landscape that was created and ending our day with a Jack Daniels. It is a time I look forward to every year. The beauty of this time strips away the dirt of reality and helps me rejuvenate for the year ahead. It is a time that I can self-reflect and get to know myself bare bones.

Now that the Violins have stopped playing in the background by my cheesy words, I will get on to what we all should do today. Today, thank your parents or the people in your life you look up to. You are who you are because of them. They are the smartest people (even though it takes us awhile to learn that) and they are a breed of people who really do have unconditional love. Whether it be a phone call when you are down, a care package that you are secretly thankful for because it will probably feed you a week and now you have beer money for the weekend (don’t tell mom), or an oil change in your car, it is the small things that they do that makes the picture whole. You are never too old to pick up the phone and tell someone you love them and believe me; the recipient will break into that famous unexpected smile.
To my Mom and Pa: I love you guys! You’re the best!
Today's feel good thing is a run-off from my last post. First off, I mentioned that I love rainy days, and it felt like the start of Winter yesterday to me. Well, I also Love snow and it did snow last night! Not much mind you, but it snowed. I did stand out in my pajamas at 10:00 p.m. on my driveway and caught snowflakes. To my neighbors, I hope you don't think I'm crazy. Granted I only lasted a short while but I did catch some before they melted in my hands. This made me go to bed with a smile on my face. 
Yesterday I also introduced you somewhat into my life as Em. I also mentioned that I am very fortunate to love what I do for a living. What I didn't mention is that one of my closest friends also works with me. We don't work in the same department so it can happen where we don't even talk throughout the day, but we do have our catch up conversations during the week. This morning I was walking back to my desk and happened to run into her (not literally of course). We chatted for just a little bit, but this isn’t what made me smile (even though conversations with her are never dull). What made me smile is the smell of her shampoo. I realize that this may add a creepy factor to me, but she really just smelled delightful and it made me break into an unexpected smile. Please don't judge. With Old Man Winter trying to show his face and the clean smell of shampoo that is lingering in the office, it is making out for a good day.

Now that you all are figuring out that I associate smells to happiness (human nature, I believe) I will move on to the unexpected smile, which is the main point of this post. Sorry about the very long Segway. I just want everyone who reads this (or hopefully will in the future) that the unexpected smile is one of the small things that happen every day and people don’t realize that. They are small miracles. It is one of the most uplifting experiences and it is contagious. Share your unexpected smiles and people will smile back. (FYI: If your unexpected smile comes from you smelling a friend, think twice before you tell your co-worker why you were smiling. You might get a weird look.)

Well friends, until we meet tomorrow, wash your hair, catch some snowflakes, and smile.
Most people associate Rainy Days with gloom. I, however, absolutely love them. Rain washes away all the grime of the previous day and covers it up with a new shine. Sure it can be cold, but that is when you grab a cup of tea, pop in a movie, and put your pajamas on at 4:00 in the afternoon (or never change out of them). Today is a day that actually feels like the start of Winter. I call myself a CozyCritter, which is probably some form of a knock-off stuffed animal brand, but I am one nonetheless. I love when it is cold outside and your only option is to find a good book to read and a cuddle partner. I think my cat, Elvis, hates days like this because I do sometimes resort to chasing him around and trying to make him cuddle. Another reason why I specifically love this Rainy Day is that my husband surprised me with money at work today. No flowers here, just cold hard cash and that spells out romance for me. Since I am in such a great mood today, I feel like it is time I actually introduce myself to my still non-existent readers.

My name is Emily (also known as Em) and I love mornings, thus the title of my blog. I also have a loving husband (Cory), who hates mornings, and a cat named Elvis, who loves my husband more than he loves me (which I not so secretly resent because my husband isn't a fan of pets). Besides this fact, I do love my husband very much and we have one of the greatest relationships that I think two people can have. Sure we have our ups and downs, but overall, it's fantastic. I think our jobs help out immensely to how great we work together. Cory is a freelance artist and can make anything beautiful (which I envy, but he sure comes in handy come Christmas time). He is also very laid back and smart and is also very handsome. All these things put together makes it hard for me to get mad at him. If he reads this, I don't want him getting too big of head, so I will move on to myself.  For a morning person like me, I have landed the perfect job at a college and a house that looks great at Christmas and beautiful for the Fourth of July (plus it smells nice for all seasons). Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for where my life is at this point. My cup is always half full.  

Getting back on track. This morning (now afternoon) I want you to be thankful for the next rainy day that you have, because it always feels good to get the grime off, even if you stay inside and curl up (with your reluctant cat) and just have a plain ole' Good Rainy Day. 
Today happens to be Veteran’s Day, A day to honor the most honorable. On days like today, it seems redundant to tell you all to be thankful and to have a good morning. You are probably reading this exact phrase everywhere from Facebook to the tabloids but I am going to go with it anyways. Right now, wherever you are, close your eyes and just think about how fortunate you are. Think about all the men and women who have fought for your life and freedom. No matter how small you think you are in this great scheme of a thing called life, you do make a difference. If it wasn’t you, it is someone you know, someone you don’t know, someone that you will meet later in life. We all make a difference; therefore, we all deserve a wish. Today is 11/11/11, so you have a whole day to think of a wish before the day changes. You only get one wish today, so make it a good one. Scratch that. Make it a Great one, a noble one; make a wish for something that is worthy enough for wishing. So open your eyes, get out of the Friday morning rut, and make this day a great day. Make it a day for wishes and for dreams to come true.
When it comes to writing a blog, I don’t have much (let’s make that any) experience. Why, when I just turned 25 years of age, do I think that I should start now? The answer to that is simple: I think that I have enough adolescence in me that I still love the little things in life but I also think that I have learned many lessons in life to compare with. One thing about me is that I always look at the bright side, not to seem too cliché. As I grow up, people seem to be getting bitter and unhappy. I am here because I want to remind people that no matter how much life can hurt, there are still good things to look at, whether it be your own life, or someone else’s life. I am here to (hopefully) help start your day off with a smile and help end your day with a much needed blissful yawn. My name is Emily and I want your mornings to be as good as mine. So wake up and be happy! Let your mornings start with me, Em!