Happy Saturday dear ones. I know that is has been a long time. Okay, I will be honest; it has been a very long time. My life has taken some crazy turns and I can’t wait until it settles down and we can take life down a notch and reconnect. Today, unfortunately, is not that day. I will play catch up with all of you later. In the meantime, I will leave with you with another book review. You all know that I am a sucker for inspiration when you least expect it, and Justin Cohen’s book, Quest, INC was just that. Inspiring, and sometimes difficult, journeys in the lives of many characters that helped them reach a destination, whether it be good or bad. It was a raw book that truly showed how different the human race rally is and how great it is to be in touch with reality, truth, and your own selves.  Behold, QUEST, INC.
The World’s #1 Personal Development Agency . . . has to prove it.
What if you brought together five top personal development experts—equipped with virtually everything we know about unleashing human potential—and gave them some lives to change? Could they really coach anyone to lose fifty pounds, fix a broken relationship, or get rich? What would they do for a homeless person, or a pro-golfer trailing at the back of her league? How about taking the racism out of a racist, or turning a hellish employee into a ray of sunshine?
Welcome to Quest, Inc. They say they can change your life. Now, as they’re followed by an investigative journalist from one of the world’s leading news publications, they have to prove it—or be damned as charlatans.
Based on real life peak performance and transformational strategies, you’ll see the highs and lows everyone faces on the road to self-realization—especially the experts. Get ready for breakthrough . . . or breakdown.
Can a group of professionals change individuals to be the better, richer, more beautiful shells of themselves? I am still asking myself that question. Justin Cohen starts the book of in a great way. Scene: A man at the end of his rope faced with the facts of his decisions in life. He was on the edge of life, figuratively and literally. A slip of the foot and he is tumbling to his death. What a wakeup call. Friends form a support group and get him to the man he used to be. Successful, handsome, and rich. Roberts’s journey to me was the most inspiring. We saw him in his raw form as he took the leap of life to end his. With help, he turned around and did the impossible. Roberts story made me want to get off the couch and change something. Change something for the better. It made me think about life in a way I haven’t. What if I was at the end of my rope? Who would be there for me? Would I take the leap? Would I be better because of the journey? The start of this book made me love my life even more but also made me want to better myself by helping others. For me, the book could have stopped there. When Quest, Inc. was formed, it started to get jumpy from character to character, client to client. I found it hard had to keep track which client was which and if they were even being helped and by whom. I was frustrated that the Quest, Inc. coaches seemed like they needed as much help as the clients. Their ultimate goal was to change these individuals, but I found that that Quest Inc. was more like the coaches trying to strip their clients of their own personalities so they could become more successful. I am always one to have an ultimate goal, but it seemed that Quest Inc.’s goal was to get a good review for the pesky reporter hanging around. The death of a client at the end made me question the whole story. Did anyone get the help that was promised? Were the coaches faced with their worst fear: being unsuccessful?  Too many clients made for one too many ‘Quests’ for me. I would really of liked to bond with only a couple of clients and follow them intimately as they try to change their lives for the better. The one client who stood out to me was Laura, the homeless woman who was transformed, only to realize that on the streets is where she needed to be. This was her calling and she stuck to her beliefs through the whole program. I envy her strength and knowledge and not changing from what she really wanted! The concept of the books was very enthralling, nonetheless. I think everyone at some point in their life, want to change. Whether it be appearance, jobs, etc. The author made that a possibility and really showed me that each person has their own Quest. Some just need help finding a way to get there. Do I want to know how their story ends? Without a doubt! Everything aside, I can’t wait to read the second book in the Quest, Inc. series. Justin Cohen has sparked my interest and I can’t wait to go on another Quest.
There you have it my friends. This beautiful Saturday, go on your own quest and make some memories. Fall is just around the corner and I can wait to see what journey my life will take. We can never have too many quests in our life. DO you want some more? Read about the author below! Also, a shout out to Tribute Books for letting me review another boundless book!
About the Author:
Justin Cohen is the author of four books and seven audiobooks. He produced and hosted a television talk show in which he interviewed some of the world’s top experts on success. As a leading authority on personal development, with an honors degree in Psychology, Justin speaks, trains and writes in the fields of motivation, sales, service and leadership. Having spoken professionally for nearly fourteen years, Justin has presented in twelve different countries, and in virtually every industry, to an average of ten thousand people annually.
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