Well hello there! It has been a long time, my friends. Besides my book review, it feels like it’s been ages since I last was on here. Okay, so two weeks is a long time and I apologize. Since I last posted, as mentioned, things have been quite busy. That along with a weeklong business trip to Lincoln, NE, I found my blogging time nonexistent. So, let’s play a quick game of catch up!
I am going to start with the weekend prior to last weekend (make sense?). April 6th just to clear up any confusion. J Anyways, April 6th marked my first race of spring. As you all know, spring seems to be hiding its pretty little head behind snowstorms and ice sheets. That aside, my friend and I bundled up and put on bright colors (her more so than I) and took a 3.1 mile trek around a lake in Minneapolis for the Chocoholic Frolic. I am sure a couple of you remember my excited chanter about this race. Not only was the loot amazing (there was coffee, chocolate fountains, hot chocolates, chips, music, bananas, and cookies) the atmosphere was awesome as well!. Does all this seem random? Sure does. Was it a blast despite the cold! You know it!! This race is definitely in my top 3 races I have done. If the weather was cooperating and not snowing, it would have been that much better. As far as the timing goes, I guess I am a little disappointed in myself. Being the first race of the season and not being able to train very much due to weather and being too cheap to buy a gym membership, I guess I should be happy. I do feel like I slowed my friend down a bit, but she was awesome and we just had fun! This is def a must do race every year!!

This weekend also helped me cross off another thing on my 30/30 list (well almost). My friend is big into Yoga and is looking at getting her Yoga instructor licensure (how awesome is that!). Well, Friday before the race she attempted to teach me some Yoga moves and gave me a routine to work on. I learned two things: 1. Yoga is a lot harder than I ever thought and 2. I am not very good at it. I have been trying it out at home, but don’t know if I am doing the moves quite right. It sure was fun and I hope we will be able to get together more often and she can teach me more and more. I also learned that if you aren’t sure if you’re doing a move correctly, if it hurts, you probably are. J

 After heading back home and one very hot shower to ward off the cold, Cory and I settled into a cozy night of movies, snacks, and cuddling (he is going to hate I put that J Poor guy!) Sunday wasn’t much different. I woke up to coffee in my owl mug and a fire in the fireplace. Being that we had a laid back night we both felt like doing something. It was decided that we would drive to our friends house and bust out the Catan board and have a couple of ‘cow beers’ (New Glarus Spotted Cow to be exact). Well, Sunday funday turned into SUNDAY FUNDAY as we rid their fridge of beer and transitioned from Catan to drinking games. It was an unexpected fun night out with great friends. Oh the joys of life!

Monday morning came way too soon as I packed my bags for a week away and headed to Lincoln Nebraska for a work conference. My boss and I made good time on the way there and we even saw hints of spring along the way. This included green grass and warm weather! We actually needed to turn the A/C on in the car. Blasphemy, I know! Don’t be too jealous friends, because it didn’t last long. Sun turned into rain which turned into hail which turned into snow. That aside, the training conference was actually quite fun. Never having been to one before, I didn’t know what to expect. There was a lot of information and new things to learn mixed in with just enough fun activities that the week went by in a blur. I ate the best I ever have, went to the top happy hours I have ever been to, made connections with other bookstore people, learned enough to make my brain hurt, and stayed in the one of the nicest hotels I have been to in a long time. In short, it was a great week! With the talk of the Spring winter snowstorm headed our way, we decided to make the trip back. One would think we drove cross country because we hit all the major precipitation on the way home and the last leg was a white knuckle drive, but we made it home late Thursday.

 Friday was a catch up day and not much happened and then on Saturday, I packed my bags again to head into Minneapolis for a bachelorette party. (I think someone was protesting how much I have been gone and no, it wasn’t Cory)

 Girls nights, games, drinks, and food ensued at the bachelorette’s house as people got to know each other and old friends were reunited. It was a great night filled with delightful fragranced women, laughter, drunken twins fans, dueling pianos, 3D light/dance party, cold walks and warm hugs. It is times like these that I love to look around and think how lucky I am to have such great friends with hearts of gold (Yay friends!) Sunday was filled with a delightful brunch, some much needed coffee, a snowy drive home and a nap that some would consider a full nights rest.

Yes, friends, I am one lucky gal. It was a busy couple of weeks but I wouldn’t change a thing!
As a sidenote, don't get the thought into your head that I lead an exciting life. These past two weeks have been a fluke in my boring system but it never hurts to switch it up alittle. If I am still not fooling you, feel free to join me as I hit up my towns hottest ladies night (this picture is for you Sara!)