Before I dive head first into my blog post this morning, I just want to start by saying, that no, I am not having a bad day. I am sorry for all you readers who think that someday (and I bet it will happen) I will write about how bad my day was. How there can’t be a good outlook on every day. Sorry to disappoint, this is not the day. Please don’t hold your breath in suspense.  I will get to the bad day later on in the post and explain. 
First order of business (or should I count this as second?) is the coffee. Coffee, coffee coffee. I should really write a poem about my ode to coffee, but maybe at a later date. One of the things I haven’t mentioned is just how much I like coffee. I start (and sometimes end) my day with coffee. On average, I probably drink 40 ounces of coffee a day (more on weekends). I realize that this may not be healthy, but I can’t help myself. If I could, I would live on coffee. My love for coffee started at a young age because my mom makes ‘egg coffee.’ Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. It is coffee made on the stove top with an egg and eggshell (yes, you actually throw the eggshell in the mixture). It is the best coffee and also the smoothest coffee I have tasted. EVER. While many of you are probably baffled at this technique, the few readers I have who have tried this coffee are probably raising their coffee mugs to cheers me because they know how charming (Yes, Charming) this coffee is. To those people, I am raising my coffee mug (coffee pond more like it) back to you. Getting back on subject. Ah yes, coffee. Black coffee, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, chai, creamer, sugar, French Vanilla, steamers and so on. I like the taste as well as the caffeine (no decaf for me, Baby!).  I like them all and I like them at any time of day.  To answer the unspoken (and immature) question that you all are probably thinking. Yes, if I could I would marry coffee. Coffee + my great moods early in the morning = Awesomeness. If you get the chance to throw in something else I love with that (like shopping, day trips, Christmas (my goal is to mention Christmas at least once in every blog until the big day, so keep track), birthdays, and the list goes on) you had better watch out. I will be dancing in the aisles, singing loudly for all to hear (not very well), running sporadically from place to place, and have also been known to laugh randomly and not be able to stop. You will either be jealous of all my fun or pretend not to know me. Hmmm. I just realized that my outburst on coffee is longer than the one on my husband. Let us just overlook this fact.
Before I make a total jerk of myself, I will move on to couches. Couches can go on ignored. We probably get more use out of our couches than any other piece of furniture. Going on further, I especially like the naps that happen on couches. If you are on your couch, you can narrow it down as to why. A) It is the weekend and you are starting your day with coffee and cartoons (is that just me?). B) You are done for the day and it is time to unwind.  C) You are watching either a movie or television. D) You are sick (bad part) and you have the day off to sleep and watch the trashy soaps you normally can’t watch (good part). And D) you are settling in to take a splendid nap.  Each of these things are very relaxing and we should be thankful for the piece of furniture that allows us these small pleasures in life (Sorry I dropped cookie crumbs on you last night).
This brings me to the Bad Day. We all have them. They happen. Yesterday, my husband happened to have a very bad day where nothing seemed to align right for him. I felt awful and didn’t know how to make it better. Sometimes it is just better to offer them a Beer and sit in silence while the drone of the television is on (I probably made his day worse my making him watch 'Real World: San Diego.' Sorry, Cory). This is what I did for him. The good thing is (and this is what I want everyone to remember) is that all bad days must come to an end. It may be the longest day of your week, month, year, but it will end. You can always sleep on it and start the new day out with a new outlook. Some days are for living, others are for getting through. If you want the rainbow, you have to make it through the rain.
Now, go refill your mugs, think of napping, and get over whatever is making your day bad. Tomorrow is Friday my friends. I can’t wait! Happy December!J