It’s Friday Afternoon my friends! It’s Friday. It’s my second post this week. What is happening?
It is official. Things have started to slow down for me. I dominated the first week of classes and I have organized and cleaned up my Bookstore. This means two things: 1. I am in a wonderful mood because of all the things I accomplished this week and 2. Since I feel like I have done everything that needed to get done, I am going to sit here the rest of the work day and Google cute pictures of cats, post my blog, and check Facebook every 5 minutes just to be sure I don’t miss anything.  Yes, this is exactly what is going to happen and I feel great about it.
With this spare time, I am also able to catch up on my e-mails and am so excited for some of the book reviews coming up. It makes me jolly just thinking about them! I think I am having a burst of ambition (that or too much coffee today) because I can’t wait to make these deadlines and get back in to the writing way. I may even post again tomorrow. Now I know this is crazy talk, but we will have to see!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! Double up on those socks, because it is going to be a cold one. (Am I the only person who wears more than one pair of socks when cold?)
Until next time, find joy in the small things, smile at a stranger, and be confident in yourself, and Think Happy.....

and now I am going to check Facebook.....