What makes a good day?
This simple question can have unlimited answers so let me get selfish here and ask “What can make Em’s Day?” The answers to this are also infinite but today there can be only one, A New Chair. Yes, I said it, a new chair. I like to truly think that I do delight in the small things, and this is it for me today.
My car may be broken for good (L) and my husband may be sick, but that still can’t keep a smile off of my face (Don’t get me wrong, I do kind of feel bad for my car. Cory on the other hand….. Yeah, him also) but my behind is sitting in a brand new, posture gliding, generation knoll chair. Now, I only know what half of those things mean, but with a slogan of “The first chair that lets you sit how you want,” I may just have to try it out! This chair also had a tagline of “Refuse to sit still” which I also want to try out, but my coworkers might start to worry about me if I glide back and forth in my small cubicle like a caged animal giggling(Picture it). Now, I wish I could re-capture the pure joy on my face when I saw this being pushed around the corner. The maintenance men (yes, it takes two people to push this glorious chair) must think that I don’t get out much (more like at all), because I kept talking about how exciting this is. I even made it as far as asking one of them if my butt looked big in the chair. I believe that one of them thought this was my (poor) attempt at flirting, because he mumbled something which I thought was “Kinda.” I chose to not ask him to repeat his answer. I guess family are the only ones I should ask that question to, even if it is just in a joking manner. J
Lesson of the day: never forget the small things that truly do make a difference in your day. A new chair might not be as exciting to you as it is to some people (Me!), but all the different factors of life can bring together the most trying people. Isn’t life grand! (Big butt and all!)
What made your day great?
Tomorrow Is TGIF!
Life. Is. Good.