It is Wednesday already Friends.  It really does seem crazy how time flies by. Today has been a delightful day because three things occurred today that just makes me smile.
First, I would like to announce that today (March 7th) marks the day of my one-year anniversary at my place of employment. For those of you who have been reading me or know me, you also know that I love where I work and thank the good man upstairs every day for helping me land this job(along with everyone else who holds a factor in helping me out. You know who you are!).  I will never take my job for granted and have yet to have a really bad day here. My life is so much better because I wake up and love to go to work (this is no lie!). I don’t mean to rub it in (maybe…) but I am so blessed it is hard not to smile. Happy Anniversary to me! I can’t wait for the next year…and the next…. And the next (okay, you get the idea).
The second reason that toady is awesome had to deal with that husband of mine. Today, he told me that I look pretty. Now, I already knew this (just kidding…sort of), but it was nice to hear. J This may be one of the small things in life, but I am so happy this is my life (Plus, if I tell everyone how sweet he was today, maybe he will take me out to eat tonight….. just maybe).
And the third reason that today is splendid has to deal with a piece of jewelry, my ring more specifically. This isn’t just any ring though; it is an owl ring that is named Harold. Harold the owl is just a touch too big for me, but he was so cute I had to get it anyways. Now, the story behind him is that I bought him and lost him in the same week (bummer), never mind the fact that I still believe that inanimate objects can have feelings (I will never outgrow this, mind you. My childhood was filled with stuffed animals and bikes and sleds, all which had names because they were obviously real…right?) Okay, so I am sometimes a four-year old at heart, we have already established that, but getting back to the story; the other day I found Harold and have been wearing him ever since. This alone made me happy, but what really put the smile on my face was when I took him off and sat him on my desk. He was just chillin’ there, looking at me, hanging out on my desk with his big eyes. Yes, this simple fact made me smirk. For all of you out there who don’t understand the fact of simple joys like this, you probably think my weird factor has gone up, but that is okay. I am still loving my life and I love the small things that make it so.
Enjoy the small things today friends because today is full of boundless fun!