I am pleased to be posting for the second time this week. Cheers to a good week and an even better weekend, Friends, for it is once again Friday. This weekend I plan on going Christmas shopping, meeting up with some friends to catch some Dueling Pianos, buy a new coffee maker (After 3 long years, my trusty Black and Decker coffee maker died on me. It was a very sad day in the Regnier household), sit in front of the fire, and read some good books. Yes, this weekend is going to be amazing.
With this being the start of November, I have heard many people talking about things they are thankful for and picking one out each day to remind themselves that there really is so much to be thankful for. I love this time of year because of this fact alone. Even though the Christmas decorations are coming out and Jingle Bells are heard over the loudspeakers in Shopping Malls, a lot of people still are remember to be thankful for how great the small things are. This time of year, people tend to go out of their way to do something nice, give a kind word, or perform a random act of kindness. People smile at strangers, hold doors for each other, and drop their extra change in the donation jars. Yes, this truly is a great time of the year. As we do our own countdown to Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for the things we are given.
Just in case you were wondering what I am thankful for, here is a run on list of the many many things that I cherish in my life:
These are just a tip of the iceberg, but you all get the idea. Be thankful for each and every single moment of your life. Cherish them, and spread the good vibes on.
Happy Friday! I will be talking to you soon.