Happy Thursday on this Very Snowy, Very Beautiful Day. I have so much to catch you all up on it is Crazy so brace yourself. First order of business, Happy March! I hope that you all are well and enjoying life. I sure am. With the beginning of March comes the Calendar change. This month, my Calendar is telling me to Believe in Your Dreams. Well, Calendar, I think I will. J

As you all know, one of these dreams (more like goal) is to run a half marathon. For the first time in my life, I signed up for the (fairly famous) Grandma’s Half Marathon here in Duluth, MN. This past Monday I got word that I was picked in the lottery to be one of the (lucky?) runners along with my sister. I want to let you all in on a secret. 1. I hate running and I don’t think I am very good at it. 2. Getting the official “Yes” to be in the half marathon quite frankly scares me. Like a lot. 3. I am a very determined person so I am still excited (scared is trumping excitement at this point though).  My training is going to start on March 11th (I have deemed this doomsday), but this weekend I am going to kick off my running season….with a bunch of hairy people. Yes. This is pure fact. Saturday afternoon, a group of friends and I are going to be running (more like gallivanting) in the 1st Annual Mustache March Run (don’t worry, they provide mustaches for those unable to grow one).  By doing this, I believe that I will get a good scope at where I am at running time wise (and how bad of shape I am in), and come on, it’s a Mustache Run. How can you say no. To elevate the fun, we have decided to pull out the wind suits and short running shorts, crimped hair and neon colors. Yes, this mustache run is going 80’s for us. J It is going to be a snowy and slippery run, but we are already going to look like fools, we might was well act the part.
When I say snowy and slippery, I am not making this up. For those of you who live in the Northland, you know what I am talking about. For those that don’t, I will fill you in. Yesterday (the good ole Leap Day), Mother Nature decided to throw a blizzard our way. With this snow came a snow day for yours truly. I love the fact that I am 25 and am still able to hope for a snow day and get one. I had pretty big plans for my day off which included sleeping in, hot shower, quick run, make brunch, drink more coffee that what should be legal, read, blog, and watch guilty pleasure movies all day. What happened on my snow day? I woke up to no electricity. This lasted all day. This means that I couldn’t go online, couldn’t make coffee, no shower or TV, no coffee, no food, no exercise, no coffee. Don’t get me wrong, a snow day is still a snow day in its entirety, but sitting and staring at Cory (alternating between staring contests with the Cat of course) can only be fun for so long. We did make the best of it though and lit the fireplace (out of necessity) and played chess and cards and all in all had a good day.
When the storm died down, we went and shoveled our way out into reality again. We also had tickets to see the show Riverdance on their final tour Wednesday evening.  We were debating about going or not, but didn’t want to waste the tickets and did what any responsible adults would do. We drove in the blizzard to see the amazing Dance and Song spectacle and we are so glad we did. The music was captivation and the dancing was powerful. Great ending to a fun snow day!
And that folks is the rundown of life to date. Tomorrow is already Friday! (I still can’t believe it’s already March) I will be here with my happy self!  Hope to see you here also. I will leave you with my Calendar quote of the Month:
This March,
Believe in Your Dreams …. You Have the Power to Make Them Come True
Get to know yourself – what you can do and what you cannot do- for only you can make your life happy.
Believe that by working, learning, and achieving you can reach you goals and be successful.
Believe in your own creativity as a means of expressing your true feelings. Believe in appreciating life. Be sure to have fun every day and to enjoy the beauty in the world.
Believe in love. Love your friends, your family, yourself, and your life.
Believe in your dreams and your dreams can become a reality.
                                                  -          Susan Polis Schutz