Happy Thursday!
I would like to start off by saying that yesterday, I had one of the best evenings that I have had in a while and I would like to thank my husband for that. Our night consisted of Sushi, and awkward waiter, Cat art, stolen kisses, thumbs up, one rain shower, a movie, ice cream and cuddles. A perfect date if you ask me. Thank you, husband, for reminding me about why we are made for each other.
Sorry about the mushiness, but I just had to share with all of you how great evenings can be and last night was impeccable. Moving on, I am going to switch gears on you (some of you are probably fist pumping right now and I don’t blame you). I have seen this list floating around and was amazed about how many things on this list are also on my own 30/30 list. This is a list of 99 things that should be done in a lifetime, and cross them off as you go. I have notices that a lot of these also mean that you have to have money, so I am okay with the ones that aren’t crossed off, and who know, maybe someday I will be able to cross more off of the list. Again, this is not my list and I don’t plan on doing all of these, but it is just interesting to see what I have done on the list of 99.
1.       Started your own blog
a.        (Never thought I would become a blogger, but here I am typing away to the unknown cyber world. And I love it)
2.       Slept under the stars
a.       (I have definitely done this when I was younger and I hope to re-live this sometime soon)
3.       Played in a band
a.       (Does Rock Band on the Xbox Count? Yes, yes it does!)
4.       Visited Hawaii
a.       (Does a Limbo party at your own wedding count? I suppose not.)
5.       Watched a meteor shower
a.       (Where would one go to see this?)
6.       Given more than you can afford to charity
a.       (I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person.)
7.       Been to Disneyland
a.        (Disneyworld count?)
8.       Climbed a mountain
a.       (If by mountain you mean Devils Tower and by climbed you meant walked around it on the paved path then yes, yes I have.)
9.       Held a praying mantis
a.       (I don’t think there are a lot of bugs I haven’t held)
10.   Sang a solo
a.       (I was in elementary school and I have yet to figure out what they were thinking putting me up there. I guess we all make bad choices.)
11.   Bungee jumped
a.       (I would very much like to though.)
12.   Visited Paris
a.       (Maybe when I strike gold I could visit there.)
13.   Watched a lightning storm
a.       (Has anyone NOT done this?)
14.   Taught yourself an art from scratch
a.       (If going around your father’s farm spray-painting every surface you could reach is an art, then yes. I have taught myself how to do graffiti art.)
15.   Adopted a child
a.       (None that I know of)
16.   Had food poisoning
a.       (Thankfully I can say no to this.)
17.   Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
a.       (One of these days, I will walk my way up Lady Liberty and see what she has to offer.)
18.   Grown your own vegetables
a.       (The joys of growing up on a farm!)
19.   Seen the Mona Lisa in France
a.       (I saw it on a paint by numbers sheet once. Same thing?)
20.   Slept on an overnight train
a.       (Would love to do this also. Where o where is that gold mine?)
21.   Had a pillow fight
a.       (Again, who hasn’t done this?)
22.   Hitch hiked
a.       (I have not because I value my life. On the other hand, I have always wanted to pick up a hitch hiker. It that weird?)
23.   Take a sick day when you're not ill
a.       (Need I say it again? Who hasn’t?)
24.   Built a snow fort
a.       (Also the joy of growing up in Minnesota. I do remember our snow forts ending up in papers and magazines. Thanks Pa!)
25.   Held a lamb
a.       (Held many of them, fed many of them, ate many of them. Did I just go too far?)
26.   Gone skinny dipping
a.       (Yes, I it wasn’t nearly as fun as movies make it out to be.)
27.   Run a Marathon
a.       (I am going to go ahead and say that I did. I think Half-Marathons should count.)
28.   Ridden in a gondola in Venice
a.       (I should really start looking for gold.)
29.   Seen a total eclipse
a.       (If by this you meant have I seen the movie Eclipse from start to finish, then yes I have seen the total Eclipse. Love me some Twilight.)
30.   Watched a sunrise or sunset
a.       (Again, I think everyone, and I literally mean everyone, has done this one.)
31.   Hit a home run
a.       (I have hit multiple homeruns…on the WII.)
32.   Been on a cruise
a.       (Hopefully someday…)
33.   Seen Niagara Falls in person
a.       (Maybe when I get fresh with Lady Liberty, I can see this in person also.)
34.   Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
a.       (Hmmmm, I am beginning to think I will need more than a gold mind to cross things off on this list.)
35.   Seen an Amish community
a.       (Yes, yes I have.)
36.   Taught yourself a new language
a.       (I took French in college. Now, I know this isn’t teaching myself, but I missed skipped a lot of class, so for test I pretty much had to teach myself so I could pass.)
37.   Had enough money to be truly satisfied
a.       (If only…..)
38.   Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
a.       (I have replicated this with Cheese. Does that count?)
39.   Gone rock climbing
a.       (…on a fake rock wall. Does this count?)
40.   Seen Michelangelo's David
a.       (Maybe when I take my trip to Paris.)
41.   Sung karaoke
a.       (Actually, I haven’t. I do believe this is one of my biggest fears in life. Seriously.)
42.   Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
a.       (No, but I have seen my dad’s old truck smoke. Same thing?)
43.   Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
a.       (I have bought strangers drinks at a bar. Some people have a liquid diet so I am going to go with yes on this one.)
44.   Visited Africa
a.       (Don’t think this one is going to happen.)
45.   Walked on a beach by moonlight
a.       (Best.Thing.Ever.)
46.   Been transported in an ambulance
a.       (So I have, but it was down Main Street in the Summerfest Parade and I was throwing candy out the pack. I do believe that still counts as being transported)
47.   Had your portrait painted
a.       (A caricature can be a portrait.)
48.   Gone deep sea fishing
a.       (Maybe on that cruise…..)
49.   Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
a.       (Some of these things are getting to be crazy talk.)
50.   Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
a.       (When I am in Paris, I will definitely make a point to see this small landmark.)
51.   Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
a.       (I have….in a swimming pool.)
52.   Kissed in the rain
a.       (It was a very wet one.)
53.   Played in the mud
a.       (I used to do this a lot. Who am I kidding, I still do. Mud pie anyone?)
54.   Gone to a drive-in theater
a.       (This is on my 30/30 list, so I will be able to cross this off soon!)
55.   Been in a movie
a.       (I volunteered to be in one at DisneyWorld. Was it a real movie? No, but I was definitely acting in front of cameras and got to watch after. I am going to count this.)
56.   Visited the Great Wall of China
a.       (Geeze. You might as well as me if I have traveled all over the world..)
57.   Started a business
a.       (Not yet. This might happen in the near near future though!)
58.   Taken a martial arts class
a.       (I have always wished I have though.)
59.   Visited Russia
a.       (Nope on this country also.)
60.   Served at a soup kitchen
a.       (I have and I will never forget the day I did. Met some of the greatest people and I have never seen them since but they sure made an impact on me.)
61.   Sold Girl Scout Cookies
a.       (No, but I can eat a lot of them.)
62.   Gone whale watching
a.       (I will save this for my cruise.)
63.   Got flowers for no reason
a.       (I have but I still think Flowers are a waste of money.)
64.   Donated blood, platelets, or plasma
a.       (Too low of iron and too many tattoos.)
65.   Gone sky diving
a.       (Also have this on my 30/30 list. This WILL be done.)
66.   Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
a.       (I will when I visit the birthplace of my ancestors. Wait, that doesn’t sound right….)
67.   Bounced a check
a.       (I am going to go with yes, even though it technically didn’t bounce, just over drafted.)
68.   Flown in a helicopter
a.       (So Awesome!!)
69.   Saved a favorite childhood toy
a.       (Bertha the Bunny is in my lock box)
70.   Visited the Lincoln Memorial
a.       (Again with the trips!)
71.   Eaten Caviar
a.       (I have had it on top of my Sushi but I don’t know if I could just eat it plain.)
72.   Pieced a quilt
a.       I have done a couple of pieces. Never had the patience to sit through a whole quilt)
73.   Stood in Times Square
a.       (Lady Liberty, Niagara Falls, and Times Square. What else?)
74.   Toured the Everglades
a.       (Nope.)
75.   Been fired from a job
a.       (Thankfully, no!)
76.   Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
a.       (Yes!!!! Something I can say yes to in terms of traveling!)
77.   Broken a bone
a.       (I have not. Is the weird?)
78.   Been a passenger on a motorcycle
a.       (Passenger and driver.)
79.   Seen the Grand Canyon in person
a.       (I think I came close to seeing it.)
80.   Published a book
a.       (I am working on it! Very Slowly)
81.   Visited the Vatican
a.       (Ha-ha. Now I am just feeling poor!)
82.   Bought a brand new car
a.       (Brand new to me or brand new?)
83.   Walked in Jerusalem
a.       (It’s just getting crazier. The trips, not Jerusalem.)
84.   Had your picture in the paper
a.       (Yay for sports!)
85.   Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year's Eve
a.       (I have not, but sounds mysterious and fun.)
86.   Visited the White House
a.       (Honest Abe has never seen me there and he only speaks the truth.)
87.   Killed and prepared an animal for eating
a.       (Yes. I am still sorry for the lamb comment.)
88.   Had chickenpox
a.       (I have, and so did my three sisters. At the same time. Sorry mom and dad.)
89.   Saved someone's life
a.       (I have not, but my mom has. Multiple times. She is just an amazing woman! I have save a Crow that was tangled in a net though. Probably not the same thing.)
90.   Sat on a jury
a.       (Not yet, but I bet I will someday.)
91.   Met someone famous
a.       (I have met Mickey Mouse and the whole gang. They are pretty famous!)
92.   Joined a book club
a.       (Ironically, no. For how much I read, I really should be in one.)
93.   Got a tattoo      
a.       (A couple of them.)
94.   Had a baby
a.       (This story is yet to be written.)
95.   Seen the Alamo in person
a.       (On my worldly vacation, I will stop here.)
96.   Swam in the Great Salt Lake
a.       (And here…)
97.   Been involved in a law suit
a.       (I have not. I can handle that truth.)
98.   Owned a cell phone
a.       (Of course. So does half of America.)
99.   Been stung by a bee
a.       (Actually, no. Hmmm. Never thought of that before.)

Well. I have done almost half of them. Not too bad. I hope you enjoyed today’s random post! Tomorrow is Friday my friends. TGIF! It is also the weekend before my vacation, the weekend before the 4th of July. Grand times are sure to be had.
Stay awesome, stay happy, stay fun my friends. We will meet under the sunny sky soon!
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