Happy Thursday my Dear Friends.
I did it once again, and again I find myself apologizing to all of you. Things have been quite hectic for me, but that is no excuse for not getting to all of you out there. Frenzied lives should not mean I have an excuse to ignore my ever faithful friends.  Again, many apologies. This will change. J
Let me give you a quick re-cap of the things going on:
·         My new job is awesome but keeps me busy from start to end of the day. This I also love but 4:00 seems to come around way too quickly for what I need to accomplish. Long story short, my busy career is just the thing I needed and am more in love with what I do than I ever have been. Thank you to whoever helped me get here! I will take you out for a drink soon.
·         I am putting the miles on my little car of mine (Sorry Yota). As of now, I am making the 288 mile round trip each weekend so I can go home and see my husband, cat, and start packing up my life. I also am making the rounds in saying goodbye to the friends who have helped me make Superior home for the past eight years.
·         During the week, I am still trying to train for the half-marathon that is less than a month away (insert fear here). This is also hard because every day after work I have meetings with bankers, realtors, co-workers, and some friend time. Between selling our house and trying to buy a new house while being separated from Cory is everything it sounds like: stressful and not very convenient. If I could be in two places at once, this would help out quite a lot.
·         Speaking of houses, we sold ours! WooHoo!
·         Speaking of houses, I found the one I want, it is also out of our budget and beautiful and I want it. In order to get this, Cory and I may need to take a break from eating, watching T.V. and seeing each other because the pennies are being pinched my friends, but all for the good… I hope. J
·         On a side note, I also started to write my book. This, to me is thrilling and I hope I can finish it in five years.
·         On another side note, I also was asked to review two more books for Tribute Books! They are so good to me and am so glad I get two more opportunities to read books from the next best authors of our time.
It is crazy times like these that I am really pushing my limits and trying to stay sane. I know that some of you have been taking my absence as a selfish thing, but I do not want it to come off that way. Things are just moving too fast at the moment and I have to pick one over another. Please don’t think this as being inconsiderate. I feel terrible for the things that I can’t do and plan on making it up down the road. I just want to reassure you all that I am the same person I have been, just busier. I do not want to push anyone away and am still filled with the love and happiness and fun that I have always had. For those who think different, please give me a chance to prove this statement. Honestly, nothing has changed besides the events that are happening in my life (and they are quite life-changing). The person is still the same.
Now that I got all Debbie-downer on you, let me switch the mood by telling all of you “Hi!” Today, let’s us all take a second to really think about how great each and every one of us is. Let us take a longer second to think about the greatness on others and the joy people bring this wonderful world. Let us take a moment and realize how life can change in an instant. Don’t take anything for granted and life is going to be grand. Smile. Today is a great day!
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein
Cheers, Friends. I love you all.
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