Monday, Monday. Why do you always come so soon?

My weekend seemed to fly by, but they always do. This weekend, in particular, was packed with so much excitement that I truly didn’t want it to end. What went on, you may (or may not J) ask? Well, this weekend I did a lot of firsts. A lot of them. I will give you a quick (or not so quick) rundown.
1.       I took a nice stroll downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. Yes, I did grow up in Minnesota and have been very close by, but this Minnesota native has never been to Stillwater. It was wonderful and it was a good thing I didn’t have much money to spend because the whole inventory of Stella’s boutique would have been mine.
2.       I went to Hudson, Wisconsin for the first time and danced the night away.
3.       My very good friend took me to see The Hunger Games, at the UltraScreen.  If you all are like me, you have no idea what this means. Well, let me just say that the screen is Huge. Like Huge!!! To a person who has never seen one, I would guess it is four times (okay, so not that big) the size of a regular movie screen. Not only did I see the movie I have been waiting for what seems like a long time (I almost peed a little while I was in this amazing theater waiting for the movie to start; this is how excited I was. Sorry for the visual. I just wanted to let you all know how epic this was for me), I also saw it with the other biggest fan of the Hunger Games and her awesome sidekick. Again, this was pretty epic.
4.       I went to the Rainforest Café in the Mall of America. Now, every time I go there, I walk by the ambitious sounds of the Jungle as they try to lure me in. Well, we fell for the bait and went on a Safari (Thank you rainforest Café for calling my dining experience a safari).
5.       I went shopping at Charming Charlie’s! I have never heard of this store before, but that has changed (Thank You JLN for being the sole cause of my addiction. Dear checkbook, when you are full again, we are going on a road trip). This is, hands down, the best store I have even been to. EVER.
6.       I wrote my first book review. (Thank you so much, Tribute Books, for the opportunity) I love writing about the wonder of words and characters that can take you into another world. It felt good to do this again. Also, the author e-mailed me some very nice words. What an Amazing Person! This is what started the weekend off to such an exhilarating start.
7.       Two Words: Bacon Spatzel.  
8.       I met one of the biggest stars ever to be on T.V,! He didn’t talk back to me, was not real, and I pushed some kids out of the way to meet him, but we had a great time together. Oh  SpongeBob, you make my weekends start off GrrrrrR-E-A-T (as well as Tony the Tiger, I guess)! 

So much Awesomeness packed into one weekend. I can’t wait to see what Next weekend brings.
Special Thanks are on Order:
Thank you Amy Lignor, for e-mailing me one of the sweetest e-mails I have recieved in a long time. Much Appreciated.
Thank you JLN, for showing me such a great time. Honestly. We had the epitome of a girl’s weekend.
Thank you Cody and Alyssa, for feeding the starving people on 17th Ave East. We are still talking about the Bacon Spatzel (I took some and hid it from Cory. I don’t think I can trust him alone). The food, wine and splendid company was just thing the thing to close out the weekend on a great note!
Thank you Cory, for letting me do all of these amazing things. Hopefully we can go on an adventure together. (P.S.: Thanks for not checking my shopping bags when I come home. I may have lied to you how much I bought).
Finally, Thank you friends, for always being amazing! Until tomorrow!
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