Happy Monday! I hope all of you had a warm and happy weekend.
My weekend went by in a blur but it was a fantastic blur. I donned a mustache (or two), put on the brightest clothes I could find, met up with some funny dressed people (but how great they are), and ran a race…in a snowstorm. Okay, so I don’t think you can call it a storm, but we did have to shovel ourselves out of the house before the race, so I believe I can get away with saying it snowed.. a lot. Needless to say, the first annual Mustache March Run was a success in my book. It was just a great time with even grander people. I also have never ran in the snow before and feel quite successful that I finished the race without slipping and without snotcicles (Yes, I did just say that). Through all of this, I also have found a new respect for mustaches. Okay, so mine was fake (I will allow only a couple jokes containing my real mustache, ahem), but I must say my face would have been a lot (how do I say this?) snottier (?) if I didn’t have a mustache on. It really is a catch all for the boogers that didn't want to freeze. I do apologize for the image I have posted on your mind, but my upper lip stayed warm and dry and my mouth stayed snot-free. Thank you mustache.
Despite the snow and the cold, it really was a beautiful and great day for a run with friends. I can’t wait for next year. I also feel that much more determined to keep running so I am prepared for the half-marathon. It was a great race to start off my own running season.  

It is snowing once again today, and I feel like running outside. I might as well call my fake fuzzy friend the Mustache Mmotivator! (hmmm, if only I didn’t lose it).

This is the beautiful city where I live and this is also the day of the race (Please make a note of the white caps in Lake Superior...Brr.) But all in all Pretty Cool, huh?

There we all are. All 400 of us huddled together. Nice day for a run?
 Our night ended with some beer and spaghetti and a hot shower for this gal. What a grand day! I hope you all have recovered from the weekend and are enjoying this Monday to the fullest because it is going to be a great week everyone! Let’s all enjoy.

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