What is it in life that makes us question it so often?

Don’t get me wrong, questioning the how’s and why’s of life is what makes life fun and interesting, it is just that sometimes we don’t understand where it is leading us or what path we should go down. Why people act the way they do and why we respond the way we do. Sometimes, when we question things like this, it can get a little scary because our minds want to control the situation and, as we all know, imaginations can get a little crazy. This is a fact of life.
I don’t mean to bring you down on the beautiful Saturday afternoon. Despite how it sounds, I still in fact, loving life as much as ever. I was talking to my friend today and I said something that made me sit back and really think about the paths of life and the why’s of it. I told her that I finally know exactly who I am and am 100% happy with myself. It was only when I said it did I realize this is in face the whole- hearted truth.

Like anyone’s life, the paths we choose all have consequences. I have made bad choices, but have learned from them. I have made great choices and have relished in them. Everything in my past has brought me to this moment. The moment in my life where I can say I know who I am and I love it!
It is a day like today that I have found inspiration everywhere I look and my thoughts are running wild. It is a day like today that I love writing, reading, talking, listening. I love looking around at things with a new perspective. It is a day like today that I feel alive.

I hope each and every one of you will question life and realize that you all are strong and you can do anything you put your mind to. We are all so beautiful.

Take pride in who you are and fall in love with life.
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