Hello my long lost readers. I hope that with all of the Holiday festivities going on, you didn't realize how much I neglected you. Let us all raise a glass to making it through the Holidays. We all are a little bit poorer, a little bit fatter, and a lot a bit exhausted. Let's raise an even bigger glass to no more Christmas posts from me (well, until next November). I have probably been boring you about Christmas this and Christmas that. I think we all know that Christmas is Awesome! I just wanted to remind you of its Awesomeness. Speaking of awesomeness, I will get straight to the point of this post. The next Holiday is this coming weekend. No, it is not the End of the World like some believe it is, it is the New Year. Excuse me, the Happy New Year. I, for one, say bring it on New Year. I am prepared to make it an Awesome and Happy New Year. So many possibilities lie in our hands so let us take hold, go forth and be Awesome.  With the New Year (Yes, I am going to capitalize it each time) comes the resolutions that we all set and sometimes make. This year, I am making a different kind of list that will also be my New Year’s Resolutions.
I am stealing this idea from one of my friends who has also made this kind of list (Shout out to Sara!). It is a list that she has made and almost has complete. You can say that I had some jealously of this list and only now thought to make my own (I hope you don’t mind I copied your idea.) It is a 30/30 List. Also known as 30 Things To Do Before You’re 30. I have five years to complete the list and am feeling optimistic at this point in time. I have been making this list for 2 months now and am excited to do each and every single one of them.  So, Behold: Em’s List of 30 Things to Do Before I am 30 or My New Year’s Resolution Cop Out List:
1.       Run a half marathon.
·         This is already a work in progress, but I am Determined to complete this in June. The nerves are starting to set in!
2.       Shoot an antelope.
·         For all of my tree hugging readers, let’s just say that I want to PET an antelope up close. Really Close.
3.       Go to New York.
·         This can be interchangeable with taking a cruise or, going to Las Vegas, or a trip of any kind really. Any of these will work. All will cost a lot of money.
4.       Have a kid.
·         I know that there is a lot of work with this goal, so I don’t mean to be so nonchalant about creating a new life, but we would like to have a child somewhat soon. Simple as that. J
5.       Go to a concert.
·         Cory has informed me that seeing a no name singing in the basement of our college where there was 2 people watching with us does Not count as a concert. So yes, I really have never been to an actual concert.
6.       Write a book. Send it to a Publisher. Frame the Rejection Letter.
·         I have the title all set to go. Now to write the other 200 pages that goes after the title…..
7.       Visit my sister (wherever she is).
·         Currently, this includes visiting Denver, CO but I do believe that the Peace Corps are sending her somewhere overseas. Crazy Lady!
8.       Go Skydiving.
9.       See the Northern Lights in all their grandeur.
10.   Sleep under the stars.
·         So I have to admit that I have done this already, but I was very young and didn’t appreciate the raw beauty of this. I think it is about time that I do this again. Even better, including this with #9!
11.   Get more than 350 readers.
·         This seems like a very very big goal to me, but I sure am hoping that people will start to be thankful for the little things in life.
12.   Get another tattoo (or two).
13.   Take up photography as a hobby once again. And stick to it this time.
·         Hopefully I will also learn how to upload photos on my blog so I can take a picture for every number completed and give all of you proof!
14.   Stay up all night because I don’t want the night to end and enjoy the sunrise the next day with a cup of coffee in my hand.
15.   Make a Kite and Fly it.
·         I will be able to really spread my wings and fly!
16.   Learn how to make my own Sushi (and make it so it tastes delicious).
17.   Take a Yoga Class.
18.   Host a Holiday at my House.
19.   Watch Every James Bond Film.
·         Back to back. Let’s start with Dr. No and end with Casino Royale.
20.   Order a Martini, Shaken not Stirred while out to eat.
21.   Visit a Winery or Brewery (or Both).
22.   Go to a drive-in theater.
·         Borrow a convertible to really get the full experience
23.   Enjoy a really expensive meal and not care how much it costs.
·         This includes ordering an expensive bottle of wine, appetizers, meal, and dessert.
24.   Go to the Renaissance Festival….Dressed Up.
25.   Grow a Garden.
26.   Roast Marshmallows in the fireplace while watching a romantic movie and having a glass of wine.
·         This obviously has to be done picnic style on the living room floor in the house. A fort may be included in the package.
27.   Ride in a yellow taxi and yell “Quick, Follow that Car,” while in the taxi cab.
28.   Go without watching T.V. for a full month.
·         Hmm. I think I regret this one already. No backsies I am presuming.
29.   Get my fortune told.
·         Of course it’s all nonsense and I don’t believe it. Well, except for the bits I like.
30.   Do all of these things with at least one other person that is dear to me so I can share the joy and document each moment of this great list.
I know that some of these are easy while some will be harder, but they are all things that I have wanted to do in life and all will be extraordinary! If one looks good to you and you would like to join me, by all means come with and we can experience this together (Calling Dibs will be Accepted). Let’s have a great time, Enjoy every moment of the New Year, and Be Happy (while being Awesome)!

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  1. Sara Strand Says:

    Oh man. OK, so I am hoping to sky dive in either 2012 or for sure 2013, so we can die together. I will also take you to a concert.. this year. Even if I have to kidnap you and we are at a scary bar in the ghetto of Minneapolis. It'll be a great first time. And you know I'm game for just about anything! Including Vegas- I'm certain we can do it for cheap. :)

  2. missfelicity Says:

    So, here's a wam bam thank you ma'am plan, Stan!
    On our way to Hawaii (where it's an unspoken rule to camp/sleep out under the stars on the beach) we'll stop in San Francisco and make a day trip to Napa for some wine tasting. Also, we'll be stopping to see an awesome band (Named Gaucho) play at a cool bar called Amnesia that might qualify as a concert...but not quite a Decc experience...hmm...anyway! Bring your camera! So, I'll come visit in a few weeks so we can plan this adventure out...AND I'll bring all the supplies for making sushi!! Boom! It might seem rushed to put all that together...but having a kid, growing a garden, writing a book and such all demand the extra time left over :)

  3. missfelicity Says:

    PS: This is an awesome list!

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