So life is starting to get busy with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. It is around this time that I elect to add a shot of Kahlua into my nightly cup of coffee. I bet you are all thinking that this is where I start to go downhill (gasp!) and talk about how life can sometimes get in the way of happiness. Sorry (once again) for the false alarm. Am I getting busier? Of course. Do I feel miles away from my family (Well, I literally am, but I am shooting for the hypothetical solidarity here)? Why yes I do. Does my phone seem to be aging into a rebellious teenager stage and is starting to only work occasionally? Why yes, yes it does. I am sorry for any of you out there that think I am ignoring you. I am in fact, not. Is there getting to be a little more on my buffet line (No plate, buffet line. Go big or go home)? Yes there is.  I will start to get to the point now.
It is in these busy times that the little things do make such an impact on me and this is how I get through my days smiling and sniggering (a mix between giggling and snickering. Try it!J) .  Please, everyone out there, do not become too busy that you won’t appreciate the puffs of warm air that leaves your mouth in the dead of winter. Don’t depreciate the person who gave up their spot in line for another. Think about how nice it is to see stockings in workplaces and lights on every other house. All of these things mean that you’re alive! What an amazing thing.  Everyone, and it does seem like everyone, forgets this simple fact. Run, jump, hop (not on ice)! It is a great day!  Even more so, it is a great day to be alive. Go ahead and get caught up in this hustle and bustle we call life, but never, ever forget the small things in life. Each factor (even the busy part) is part of what makes this season great, so enjoy every moment of it.  Will I still call my phone service up and ask why my phone hit puberty? Of course, but I will do it with a smile in my voice because I should really be thankful that my phone is (typically)one step away from calling my family and telling them I love them.
It is only 17 days until Christmas (insert sniggering here)! Even more importantly, it is only 3 (more like 2) days until my big sisters Birthday (Insert a big woopwoop here). Oh the joys of December! Prepare yourself for some extremely happy posts. I will leave you with the simplest saying that we all learned in kindergarten. “Don’t worry, Be Happy!J  I guess "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" will also work.
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