Good Morning.
So before I get on to today’s post, I just have to mention a couple of exciting things coming up.  First offl, on Sunday you all have to check out my blog because I am going to be reviewing Murders, Bikers, and a Meteor. And if that title alone doesn’t catch your interest, I will also be doing a Question and Answer session with the author and that spotlight will be posted on Sunday following the review!  Another exciting thing is that I found a project to work on. I am not going to tell you the details because I am still fine tuning them, but let’s just say you will be exposed to many things.
With that said, I am going to change direction and talk about a topic that is loved by some and hated by others. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s day. The day that men feel pressure to plan the perfect date and where women sit by and expect to be swept off their feet. A day where the single are singled out and where relationships are put to the test. A day where the word “Romance” is translated in many different ways and where even the most laid back woman claims “You don’t need to get my anything,” but still expects something (ahem, this would be me). I know some girls who protest this day and some girls who live for this day. Long past are the days where you could buy a box of Valentine’s day cards with kittens on them telling everyone just how “Purrrr-fect” they are and place them into a modified Kleenex box.
Now, I think Cory and I have a good relationship. Fights are rare and we know how to have a good time. He is a laid back guy and I consider myself a laid back gal (Despite what he says). Getting right down to it, I do wish he was just a bit more romantic. We have had discussions about this said topic and let’s just say our definitions differentiate. Romance to him means playing an online role-playing game together all day or sitting beside each other on the couch in silence and feeling happy to be there. Don’t get me wrong, these things are great, but to me they don’t spell out romance. This is also coming from a guy who is a logical thinker and doesn’t really have emotions (in not so many words). On the other hand, romance to me means planning fun nights out, random surprises (and I am not talking about taking the garbage out without me asking), notes, and so on. I live by the cliché. I don’t need a grand gesture and have in fact told Cory to never get me flowers (side note: I think flowers are too expensive and last for such a short time. Plus my cat eats them and gets sick. If cat vomit isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is. Just not a fan). What I need are small things that remind me that he is more in love with me now than when we first met (which I hope it the case). We also have never been able to spend Valentine’s day together since we met. This isn’t a big deal to me (contrary to what this post seems like), but it would be nice to take part in the Hallmark Holiday one way or another this year.  Now, we still haven’t got the green light on this because he may have to work on the actual day of the Valentine, but he does have the 13th off. What this means is that I am making the poor guy celebrate Valentine’s day one day early (scandalous, I know). The debate that I am having is this: should I let him off the hook and plan things myself (but make him pay of course J ) or should I make him plan it and see what he comes up with or maybe we should be real romantic and sit on the couch together WHILE playing video games (Even more scandalous. The sad thing is that if he reads this, he would probably choose the last option). I think this is where it gets hard, because I do want him to think he married stellar gal and not put any pressure on this already high expectation day, but I also want to do something. I think herein lies my problem. Sigh.
To all of you V-Day protesters and single ladies who dread the 14th of February, don’t worry. Deep in the minds of all guys (and some gals), we are jealous. Restaurants are packed, Service is slow, prices seem to be a little bit higher on everything, and even the happiest of couple argue about something or another. Expectations are high and let’s be honest, what woman is really in the mood after she eats both her significant other’s and her body weight in bread, noodles, dessert, popcorn, and chocolate. Just saying. So grab your fav movie, order take out, and have a great evening because half of the world is suffering while you’re completely content.
To all of you gals that take the day off from work because you think Valentine’s Day is a legit holiday and you are still wondering why the post office doesn’t recognize it as one, any advice for me would be helpful.
All of this aside, I am excited to have a night out with great company, and even if we spend it sitting and playing Online Role Playing games, I know we will have a good time. It is around this holiday that it is just a bit easier to stop and smell the roses.
Enjoy life friends, because each moment is something special.

Yup. This is us in a nutshell. (Circa 2007)

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  1. Sara Strand Says:

    I'm making Matt take me out this Saturday. You know he hates people so doing anything on Valentine's Day is out of the question. So we're going to dinner, going to see a movie, and then we're kid free for the night. Which is lovely all on its own. ;)

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